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How to restore/recover deleted bookmarks in Google Chrome

Do you experience accidentally deleted some of Chrome's bookmarks? Luckily, Chrome automatically backs up your bookmarks every once in a while and your missing bookmarks may be in that backup. So how do you restore those bookmarks from backup? This tutorial will restore the deleted bookmarks in Google Chrome. Here's how to restore/recover deleted bookmarks in Google Chrome after the jump.

Here's how to restore/recover deleted bookmarks in Google Chrome:
Step 1
Do not launch the Google Chrome browser at first as it deletes the current bookmarks to new ones once the browser is closed.
Step 2
Go to Start Menu, select Computer, Open your drive C: hard drive, then click Users, click on your username which it is the user account of what is your using now, click on AppData -> Local -> Google -> Chrome -> User Data then Default (if you have another user of the Google Chrome, click on it).
Step 3
Locate “Bookmarks” and “Bookmarks.bak” files.
Step 4
Delete the “Bookmarks” file.
Step 5
Rename “Bookmarks.bak” file to “Bookmarks“, please note that these filenames does not quotations, only in bold type text are the proper file name, this is just to ensure that you have the same file name).
Step 6
Close out the following folders and all Google Chrome windows that are currently opened.
Step 7
Then, launch again the Google Chrome browser, now those bookmarks that you renamed is restored on to your bookmarks toolbar.

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