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Globe advises broadband subscribers to avert Malware attack

Globe is advising its broadband service subscribers to immediately check and protect their computers and devices from a vicious malware which, if infected, redirects them to fraudulent web sites and will prevent them from going online on Monday, July 9.

Known as DNS Changer Malware, the US FBI says that infected computers are redirecting unsuspecting users to a bogus web site or to interfere with that user’s online web browsing. Hackers responsible for the malware are able to retrieve personal information and passwords.

According to US authorities, about 250,000 computers—both with Mac and Windows operating systems—are already infected with this malware, and more worldwide are expected to be affected.

As a security measure, infected computers may not be able to successfully surf the internet and access the web starting 12:01 am of Monday, July 9 to isolate them from further infecting other computers.

We strongly urge our broadband subscribers to take the necessary steps to check their computers as soon as possible before July 9. If infected, they should remove the virus from their computers immediately.

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