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PinoyBBDev Hackathon 2012

Philippine BlackBerry Developer Group (PinoyBBDev) brings you PinoyBBDev Hackathon 2012, a two-day (35 hours straight) coding session that will turn your app ideas into reality. This aims to create awareness on the different technologies in creating applications for BlackBerry. It also show cases the Filipino Talent not just in Asia but around the world. And lastly, the hackathon aims to increase the Filipino Made Apps uploaded in the BlackBerry AppWorld. More details after the jump.

This year's hackathon will be held in Alphaland Southgate Mall (6F, Boracay and Balesin Function Rooms), Pasong Tamo Extension corner EDSA, Makati City from August 4 (Sat) 8AM to August 5 (Sun) 7PM and focuses on technologies supported by BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10, the upcoming operating system for the new generation of BlackBerry devices.

  • Adobe AIR using ActionScript, Flash or Flex
  • Android - repackage your Android apps for BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 using Java Android Runtime
  • Native with options to use Native SDK using C/C++/OpenGL, or Cascades (C++/Qt)
  • WebWorks using HTML5, CSS & Javascript

The event is also open to all UX/graphic designers who want to collaborate with the developers for a more visually-appealing apps.

Supported by Research In Motion (RIM), these events are organized by the Philippine BlackBerry Developer Group (PinoyBBdev), whose aim is to provide information about the latest in developing for the BlackBerry platform.

Those interested to learn more about the events and register can visit http://www.pinoybbdev.com/hackathon/

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