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Firefox 15 now available to download, now uses less memory to make browsing faster!

After the released of Firefox 14 last July, Mozilla just announced that Firefox 15 is now officially available to download. Firefox 15 new features include - Silent background updates, Support for SPDY networking protocol v3, WebGL enhancements, including compressed textures for better performance and Localization in Maithili. Firefox 15 also makes your web experience faster by reducing memory usage when browsing with certain add-ons. The improvements make browsing smoother and more responsive. You can download the Mac and Windows version of Firefox 15 after the jump.

Firefox adds features that make it easier for developers to build amazing web experiences. The new JavaScript Debugger is a fast, built-in tool to give greater insight into Web application code. Developers can also use the JavaScript Debugger over a local network to remotely debug apps running on Firefox for Android, greatly simplifying mobile Web development.

Firefox introduces support for compressed textures, allowing game developers to take full advantage of video memory to build graphics-heavy games without losing performance. Firefox makes animations smoother with an improved JavaScript engine and enhancements to WebGL. Firefox also provides game and other interactive content developers precision to within thousandths of milliseconds with high precision timing.

Download Firefox 15.0 for Windows and Mac OS X:
Download - Windows
Download - Mac OS X

Source: Mozilla

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  2. Firefox 15: Less Memory, Painless Updates




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