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Huawei releases the Mobile WiFi E5331 and Mobile WiFi E355 in the Philippines

Johnson Ma, Country Manager Huawei Device

With the growing number of WiFi-enabled devices such as tablets, smart phones, laptops, handheld games and digital cameras, mobile WiFi devices that support wireless broadband network sharing is increasing in terms of demand and popularity. Supporting this trend, Huawei Philippines today released two more affordable, new generation Mobile WiFi devices offering 21Mbps download speed for users-on-the-go and for small offices and homes that need broadband sharing.

“Huawei Mobile WiFi is a handy broadband router that let users lead and share WiFi connectivity with their companions or friends to have wireless internet access anytime and anywhere,” said Johnson Ma, country manager of Huawei Device Philippines. “These new Huawei devices can be used with any 2G/3G sim card to allow users to connect through more reachable network.”

Mobile WiFi E5331

Huawei Mobile WiFi E5331

One of tablet’s best mates, the E5331 is a new-generation Mobile WiFi from Huawei. Featuring a stylish horizontal design, the first for products in its category, the E5331 is only 12.8mm thick and goes perfectly with ultra-thin electronic products. With the touch of just one button, consumers can easily connect to the internet for up to eight WiFi-enabled devices and enjoy a peak download speed of 21 Mbps.

The Huawei Mobile WiFi E5331 was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in Germany and is the only product in the mobile Wi-Fi category that was recognized among 4,500 participating designs.

Mobile WiFi E355

Huawei Mobile WiFi E355

Huawei Mobile WiFi E355 revolutionizes USB broadband stick as it functions both as a data card for a single user and as a mobile WiFi hotspot. It can simultaneously connect up to five Wi-Fi-enabled devices; allowing users to enjoy up to 21Mbps download speed and connectivity anytime, anywhere.

The Huawei Mobile WiFi E355 comes with a USB interface and unlike traditional data cards which can only be charged via a computer, the Huawei Mobile WiFi E355 offers users the flexibility of charging with a variety of USB chargers (i.e., USB power adaptor and car charger), offering true on-the-go connectivity and transforming a car into WiFi hotspot to offer convenience and pleasure for passengers while on transit.

“As the market leader in mobile broadband, it’s great to intensify our range with yet two high-speed and affordable mobile WiFi devices,” Ma expressed.

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