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Smart Money users can now shop online using Smart mobile number on the seller’s website!

The Internet may have made shopping more convenient, but online shopping can still be taxing if you don’t have a credit card. It’s exhausting to have to go to the bank to deposit payment for every single purchase you’ve made. But if you’re a Smart Money user, you can complete your transaction just by typing your Smart mobile number on the seller’s website!

Smart Money, the country’s first and largest electronic wallet service, has partnered with Multiply.com and other selling sites to make online shopping more convenient for you. Now it is easier to buy from about 130,000 Multiply merchants, get deals at Groupon.com, CashCashPinoy.com, and DealDozen.com, bid for products at Happy2Bid.com, and buy ebooks at Flipreads.com.

You can also use Smart Money to purchase goods at the online store SkyyShop (portal.skyyshop.com), and buy music albums from Techno Recordings (technostore.appspot.com/store).

“When you’re competing with other online shoppers for a good deal, you shouldn’t have to scramble for your wallet to find your credit card or worse, rush out of the house and fall in line inside the bank. With Smart Money, you can close that transaction in a snap because all you need to do is type the Smart mobile number linked to your Smart Money account,” said Smart Financial Services Head Tricia Dizon.

You shouldn’t worry that other people might use your Smart number to buy items without your consent, because every Smart Money account is locked by default. You can only unlock it by going to your phone’s Smart Money menu and keying in your six-digit W-PIN.

“The Lock/Unlock service is just one of the security features we put in place to protect Smart Money account holders. If you accidentally expose your credit card, anyone can copy your card details and make fraudulent online transactions. But with Smart Money, you can count on additional layers of protection,” Dizon said.

Smart Money will also send you a free text message to confirm the completion of your transactions.

“No more worries about fraudsters, no more complaints about inconvenient payment procedures. You can now thoroughly enjoy your online shopping experience,” Dizon said.

If you don’t have a Smart Money card yet, you can get one by visiting http://smart.com.ph/apply/money/apply.aspx.

Once you have your Smart Money account, you can load it up with funds at any of the 100 Smart Stores, 750 BDO branches, and 5,000 Smart Money Centers nationwide. You can also use your mobile phone to transfer funds from your bank account to your Smart Money account through the Mobile Banking Service, which has direct connection to BDO, BPI, Metrobank, Union Bank, Eastwest Bank and Bancnet partner-banks. (Please visit http://smart.com.ph/corporate/services/mbs.htm for more information).

Aside from making online shopping more convenient, a Smart Money account also enables you to do cashless shopping in more than 32 million MasterCard merchants worldwide, pay bills using your mobile phone, transfer money electronically to other Smart Money users, reload your Smart prepaid account, receive remittances from more than 95,000 partner-agents all over the world, and withdraw cash from over 10,000 BDO, BancNet, Megalink, and ExpressNet automated teller machines nationwide and from Cirrus ATMs abroad.

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