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Wikitude launches TripAdvisor Augmented Reality App for BlackBerry's running OS 7 and above

Today, Wikitude announced the TripAdvisor Augmented Reality (AR) app for BlackBerry smartphones, which allows BlackBerry customers around the globe to instantly access an immersive view of hotels, restaurants, and attractions listed on TripAdvisor. More details after the jump.

TripAdvisor Augmented Reality works with a smartphone's camera to help travelers find the best places within their immediate area to eat, sleep, and play. Featuring over 75 million traveler reviews and opinions for destinations around the world, it's easy to find great advice wherever a user happens to be.

Here’s how it works:

  • Simply tap the TripAdvisor/Wikitude icon on the home screen to instantly view your surroundings through an Augmented Reality lens.
  • Once a venue is chosen, users can quickly access detailed information about the location, including traveler-submitted reviews, average prices, and more.
  • The “Bring me there” option provides users with turn-by-turn directions to the desired destination.
  • The app also integrates with BlackBerry Messenger (BBM), allowing the user to instantly interact with their BBM friends for simple sharing and connecting.

TripAdvisor Augmented Reality App Screenshots:

The TripAdvisor Augmented Reality app can be downloaded at BlackBerry’s App World and is only available for BlackBerry smartphones. The app is a free download and requires BlackBerry 7 OS or higher.

The TripAdvisor Augmented Reality app is another example of Wikitude’s commitment to providing new and innovative solutions to content owners, brands, agencies and individuals through AR technology. Wikitude’s most recent product launch is the Wikitude SDK, which allows third parties to develop their own AR apps. The company is also preparing an SDK for BlackBerry 10.

For more information or to download, please visit BlackBerry App World.

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