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Kaspersky Lab offers free security scanning tool to double check your computer’s security status

Even with more dangerous forms of malware created by cybercriminals every day, many computer users are still not alarmed enough to secure and protect the data stored in their personal computers. This prompted Kaspersky Lab, a leading developer of secure content and threat management solutions, to come up with a free scanning tool called Kaspersky Security Scan. Kaspersky Security Scan is a new utility designed to check a computer’s security status, which is ideal for users who have no software security solution installed in their PCs. More details after the jump.

The new product provides a unique scanning feature that allows users to check if their currently installed security software is able to detect all malware. Kaspersky Security Scan is now available for free download at Kaspersky Lab’s official website, www.kaspersky.com.

“The personal computer is still the primary communications device for the majority of consumers. The alarming fact is that millions of PCs around the world have inferior protection installed or use no security software at all,” said Nikolay Grebennikov, Kaspersky Lab chief technology officer.

“What we offer is a solution that checks the security status of users’ PCs, informs them of any threats discovered and helps find the proper real-time protection solution from Kaspersky Lab,” he added.

“We encourage PC users in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines, to protect their valuable data stored in their PCs by using this new, free scanning tool from Kaspersky Lab,” said Jimmy Fong, Channel Sales Director for Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia.

“The Kaspersky Security Scan will be very helpful for a lot of Filipino users who doesn’t have security software installed in their PCs. This will help to give them an idea of the number of vulnerabilities in their computer that are exposed to serious online threats,” he said.

A consumer survey conducted by Harris Interactive last March shows that a majority of owners do not use any security software to protect their digital assets. At the same time, 60% of surveyed users are worried about the confidentiality of their most critical financial data, and 80% had directly faced a security threat at least once.

Despite the rise of internet-enabled mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, the traditional PC is still the number one digital device for the majority of consumers as it is most frequently used to go online and store personal and work data.

Kaspersky Security Scan is a small utility, optimized for quick installation with no additional questions asked and no reboots required. It is also compatible with other security solutions, providing users a second opinion on their computer’s security status. Right after installation, Kaspersky Security Scan is ready to check the device’s system, scan for malicious programs and the status of Windows security settings and vulnerabilities in popular programs.

By default, a system scan is performed automatically three times a week and twice in background mode, but these settings can be modified by the user. It is also possible to perform either a quick or full scan of the system.

As soon as the scan is complete, the utility will display all the detected threats in several categories. However, the free scanning tool would not remove the malware. Instead, it will advise the user about the best possible, fully operative real-time security solution from Kaspersky Lab.

As soon as the scan is complete, the tool will display all the detected threats in several categories. Kaspersky Security Scan will then advise the user about the best available fully operative real-time security solution from Kaspersky Lab.

Although the Kaspersky Security Scan is designed only to detect majority of the widespread malicious programs and it cannot detect the most complex malware, such as rootkits and bootkits. As a scanning tool, it is also not designed to provide a full system protection of the PC.

To learn more about the utility, visit this page: www.kaspersky.com/security-scan.

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