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Globe lays down measures to protect prepaid subscribers

As a proactive measure to assist its subscribers in closely monitoring their prepaid credits or load, Globe Telecom is actively promoting an efficient tool to help them track their load balance and trace their usage. KD Dizon, head of Globe Prepaid, said in a recent interview on national television that the prepaid service called “Load Watch” was introduced early this year to notify prepaid customers through timely reminders and updates on remaining load balance through text.

“Pioneered by Globe, Load Watch provides timely information to our prepaid subscribers so they are duly reminded of their load credits and validity dates, and that they can maximize use of their remaining load,” Dizon said.

She said Load Watch is an initiative of Globe to protect its subscribers and as a preventive measure against perceptions of vanishing load.

“We want to ensure that every peso in prepaid credit of our customers are well accounted for and fully utilized as intended whether for calls, texts or mobile surfing on our modernized network,” said Dizon. “With Globe as their provider, our subscribers feel secure and ahead of the curve.”

Mario Domingo, head of IT Transformation Strategy, said another way of curbing what prepaid customers perceive as vanishing load is through an innovative solution called “rollover policy” which is exclusively offered by Globe Telecom.

“The rollover policy of Globe ensures unused load credits are carried over to the subscriber’s new prepaid load credit once a reload is done. This effectively makes load validity longer for the unused load credits. The subscriber, however, will have to top up before the end of load validity to enjoy the rollover of credits,” said Domingo.

Globe is the only Philippine telco to set up this kind of policy for the benefit of prepaid subscribers. This protects subscribers who are not able to use up their prepaid load on time, but maintain an active loading activity.

For example, a prepaid subscriber loads P3 valid for three days. If the subscriber consumes only P1 within the validity period, the current practice would have rendered the remaining P2 as expired, giving subscribers the perception of vanishing load.

By topping up before the third day of any amount, the Globe rollover policy allows the remaining P2 to be carried over along with the new load credit onto the next validity period. Subscribers therefore efficiently use up their entire load credits, giving them best value for money.

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