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Globe Tattoo launches the privileged world of TORQUE, a new kind of broadband, a new kind of luxury!

IMAGINE a lifestyle where you could connect to the world in the blink of an eye. Experience the thrill of seeing a creative idea come into life in an instant. Feel the delight in your high-tech home which provides you with a complete communications experience. And be pampered by a team that provides you with priority servicing ensuring unparalleled customer satisfaction. Enter the privileged world of TORQUE, a new kind of broadband, a new kind of luxury.

“Torque is the ultimate experience in at-home broadband connection. It boasts of the fastest speed matched with priority servicing plus perks and freebies that ensure an online lifestyle that is a cut above the rest. Torque is for the successful, tech-savvy executive whose time is of the essence. It is for the young achievers who command a high-flying lifestyle and for people who makes things happen. Torque is created for people who want only the best and expect only the best. It is for the achievers who are relentless in pursuing their passions or are already living their dreams,” explains Cindy Salaya, Head of Tattoo Torque.

“As the first to launch fiber-optic (GPON) Internet service in the Philippines in July 2009, Tattoo Torque is considered as the premium broadband product in the country today,” Salaya adds.

Torque offers the best broadband connections with speeds of up to 100 Mbps. This means shorter download time and smoother experience despite multiple concurrent online sessions and concurrent users.

A speed of 100 Mbps delivers mind-blowing results:

  • Download a 600 Mb 45-minute HDTV show in about a minute!
  • Download a 2.4 GB of your favorite TV series in about 4 minutes and a 45-minute TV show for a blazing speed in approximately 20 seconds!

“Movie marathons will be more fun as it takes only approximately 7 minutes to download a 2-hour HD movie using Tattoo Torque 100 Mbps,” Salaya said.

More than the speed, the best part in being a part of the elite Torque circle is the priority servicing for Torque subscribers.

“Every Torque subscriber has a relationship manager who will address their concerns quickly and efficiently. Torque subscribers enjoy priority processing in installations and repairs,” Salaya said.

On top of these, Torque offers perks and privileges such as a free Globe landline, free Globe-to-Globe landline NDD calls, free WiFi router, exclusive invitations to the most high-profile lifestyle events in the country, like the recent Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco VIP night, and privileges and perks from luxury brands and designer labels that have partnered with Tattoo@Home.

For Torque subscribers on the go, they are also given a free Postpaid Tattoo stick with 40 hours of browsing time.

Tattoo Torque comes at 4299 (10 Mbps); Plan 6299 (15 Mbps); Plan 14999 (50 Mbps) and Plan 19999 (100 Mbps).

“Torque is not just a connection, it is a broadband experience like no other,” Salaya said.

Experience the best broadband connection only with Tattoo Torque. You deserve nothing less.

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