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Stay safe (and dry) this rainy season with your smartphone

We were all witnesses to how crazy the weather has become over the last few weeks. From monsoon rains, low pressure areas, to typhoons and thunderstorms, it is necessary for us to be prepared these days, and being in the know is key. More details after the jump.

Aside from umbrellas and raincoats, your trusty smartphone can help you stay safe and sound amidst the inclement weather. With your easy access to the World Wide Web, your smartphone empowers you with the latest information anytime, anywhere. Stuck in traffic? No TV or radio due to power loss? With your internet-enabled handset, you don't need to be home or in the office to keep yourself abreast with the latest weather advisories or traffic situation.

To make sure you stay safe and dry this season, here are some useful mobile tips and apps you can check out:

  • Twitter. Follow PAGASA on Twitter for regular weather updates and advisories: @dost_pagasa
  • iTyphoon. Get the iTyphoon app for free on Apple iTunes or Google Play Store. iTyphoon shows you the typhoon details or weather disturbances in the Philippines, which includes typhoon name, current eye location, maximum windspeed, gustiness, area of responsibility, among many others. It also provides weather outlook for the next 2-5 days.
  • MMDA. Download the MMDA app for free on Apple iTunes, Google Play Store or BlackBerry App World. Check real-time traffic situation to see which roads are passable, or which ones are heavy (M), medium heavy (MH), medium (M), or light (L) during heavy downpours. We all know traffic gets worse when raining, so the MMDA app can best help you to ease the traffic burden a bit.
  • News. Be updated with the latest goings-on by visiting any of these mobile news sites:

Given the need for quick and instant information, you need a mobile internet connection that's fast, reliable, and affordable. Good thing there's Globe and its PowerSurf MB plans which give subscribers bulk megabytes (MB) of mobile data, consumable per kilobyte. The beauty about using a MB plan in mobile surfing is that it does not look at the time you spend online, but on the activities you do or sites that you visit. With PowerSurf, you can stay connected longer and pay less for mobile internet.

"In times of weather disturbances, you need to stay in the loop for the most up-to-date news and advisories to keep you and your loved ones safe. PowerSurf MB is best for smartphone users who always want to be connected and online without having to worry about costs, since charging is not based on time spent online, but on what they do and the sites they go to when connected to mobile internet," said Jenny Granada-Echevarria, Head of Globe Mobile Data Services. "Access your favorite app or online news site to give you the freshest weather-related information right where and when you need it the most with Globe PowerSurf."

Globe subscribers can choose from PowerSurf plans as low as P15 a day for Prepaid or P99 a month for Postpaid. To learn more about PowerSurf, text PowerSurf to 8888 or dial *143# for free.

You may also visit http://surf.globe.com.ph/tutorials for more information.

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