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HTC Explorer now FREE at Sun Cellular's Plan 450!

With unrelenting effort to improve its product offerings, Sun Cellular goes beyond unlimited calls and texts by providing subscribers the opportunity to own an Android smartphone without setting them back by thousands of pesos. Exclusive to Sun Cellular, get your very own HTC Explorer when you enroll to the network’s Plan 450. More details after the jump.

One of the most popular postpaid plans, Sun Plan 450 is packed with services that cover all your connection needs: unlimited Sun calls and texts, 250 texts to other networks PLUS P100 consumable which subscribers can use to browse the internet, make IDD/NDD calls, or call their contacts from other networks, all these for only P450 per month. Definitely, these services at such an affordable cost per month make Sun Cellular the good choice of network to partner your very own HTC Explorer.

HTC is a global manufacturer of mobile devices that holds a solid reputation for producing feature-rich and best-in-class smartphones and tablets. Its smartphones, in particular, are some of the most critically-acclaimed in the market; it comes as little surprise that most HTC smartphones fall under the high-end spectrum.

Dubbed as “the simply smarter phone”, HTC Explorer is built and designed to deliver personalized communication experience with its intuitive and powerful features even non-techie users would appreciate.

The phone earns points for its easy-to-use lockscreen which allows users to access contacts, e-mail, text messages and camera in one swipe even when the phone is locked. Web browsing on your mobile becomes a tad more convenient and the web pages easier to read, thanks to the phone’s clever feature that automatically adjusts the text to fit the screen. Users may also dial a phone number on a web page in one step, send e-mail faster with the “quick reply” button and locate an address instantly with the pop-up map. Other specs include Android 2.3 OS, Touch Screen capability, 3.15 MP camera, WiFi and Quad-band.

Paired up with Sun Plan 450, HTC Explorer is the ultimate gadget for tech-savvy subscribers as well as practical mobile phone users who frequently call, text, and browse the internet. For only P450 a month, get an HTC Explorer plus unlimited Sun calls and texts plus 250 texts to other networks and 100 consumable that can be used for any of the following: 20 hours of mobile internet, up to 50 minutes of IDD calls or 50 iSMS, OR calls to other networks.

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