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Alcatel T10 Tablet and Pocket WiFi now FREE at Sun Broadband's Gadget Plan 799 and Plan 999!

Want the hottest broadband deal in town? Then subscribe to the new Sun Broadband Gadget Plans wherein you get not 1 but 2 FREE gadgets for as low as P799! That’s an Alcatel T10 Tablet and a Pocket WiFi! So you can surf online, download apps, and be present in social networks while sharing your consistent, fast, and reliable internet with up to five devices! More details after the jump.

Select from these 2 plans so you can power up your online experience with your provider of consistent, fast, reliable and gadget-friendly internet. Gadget Plan 799 gives you 60 hours of internet per month reloadable with prepaid loads while Gadget Plan 999 provides unlimited internet for the heavy user.

Hurry, Visit The Sun Shop today to avail or call 395-333!

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  1. Alcatel T10 Tablet doesn't support 3G connectivity, WiFi tablet lng po ito at need ya po yung Pocket WiFi upang maka connect sa internet :(

    Heto po yung detailed specs ng Alcatel T10 Tablet http://www.ilonggotechblog.com/2012/10/alcatel-one-touch-t10-tablet-price.html#.UOpfZW_FXsY

  2. AH HA! Thank you for the update.

  3. Why would I need the Pocket WiFi? The T10 is 3G, isn't it?


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