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DOST distributes Mosquito Ovicidal Larvicidal (OL) traps in Roxas City

A trainers’ training on the roll-out of mosquito ovilarvicidal (OL) traps to public elementary and secondary schools was conducted here in the province. The activity was led by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) and Department of Health (DOH) to lower dengue cases by controlling the population of dengue-carrying Aedes mosquitoes. More details after the jump.

A DOST briefer said that 11 rooms including comfort rooms, canteens, and libraries of all public schools in the city received OL trap kits.

Along with the briefer is an OL trap manual and monitoring form to be filled up by schools for submission to the Provincial Health Office.

The same kits were also given to public schools in the municipalities after necessary preparations and coordination have been put in place.

The training was attended by principals and school heads of the Department of Education (DepEd) – Roxas City Division.

OL trap, a system developed by DOST, is composed of a black container, small strip of plywood for mosquito to lay their eggs on and a larvicide solution to kill the mosquito larvae that will hatch in the strip of wood and in the solution.

Based on the OL trap manual, the scent of the solution invites female mosquitoes to the trap where they lay eggs on the stick and on the solution itself.

The stick moistened by the solution through capillary action is highly attractive for mosquito to lay eggs on.

As soon as the eggs and the hatch larvae get exposed to the solution they die.

The OL trap does not kill the adult mosquitoes, instead its ovicidal and larvicidal effect prevent the next generation of mosquitoes from reaching adulthood.(JCM/AAL-PIA 6, Capiz)

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