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Globe welcomes NTC approval of Globe-Bayantel joint use agreement

Globe Telecom announced that it has received approval for the joint use by Globe and Bayan Telecommunications Inc. (BTI) of the frequencies 1750-1760MHz/1845-1855MHz assigned to Bayantel. Atty. Froilan M. Castelo, Head of Globe Corporate and Legal Services Group said, "We are pleased with the decision of the NTC and rely on the validity and legality of the NTC order with regard to the joint use agreement with Bayantel. This approval while it recognizes that Bayantel is currently under rehabilitation represents a win-win situation wherein Bayantel can offer mobile telecommunication services nationwide and the government is able to earn revenues from both Bayantel and Globe for the joint use of the frequencies."

Globe believes that the NTC order allowing for the joint use of frequencies is valid, legal, and immediately executory.

Reacting to the statement issued by Smart Communications on the NTC decision, Castelo stated, "The opposition of Smart to the move of Bayantel for the extension of licenses should have been filed a year ago. Bayantel is currently under rehabilitation and the rehabilitation court has ordered the preservation of all assets and privileges of Bayantel including its spectrum. This is the reason why the NTC cannot validly recall their spectrum assets."

"Separately, we cannot comment on Smart's complaint on Altimax because the same is still under deliberation with the NTC and therefore subject to sub judice rules," added Castelo.

In its application to the NTC for approval, Globe cited that the joint use agreement will allow it to address increasing demand for voice, SMS and mobile data services, and for Bayantel to be able to offer mobile telecommunications services.

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