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Shielding homes from surges and brownouts with APC's Back-UPS and SurgeArrest Essential

The recent spate of torrential rains and storms brought by the monsoon season and the earthquake in the Visayas have highlighted our homes’ vulnerability to natural disasters. Days after the calamities, some households were still suffering from brownouts or erratic power supply that resulted in  in damaged appliances. In a country where numerous typhoons and earthquakes occur, very few homes are prepared to deal with electrical problems caused by these disasters.

To protect expensive appliances like computers and LED televisions, families need reliable electrical supply for their homes. They also need to guard against electrical surges, or a sudden overflow of voltage, that can damage appliances.

The Need For Back Up Power and Surge Protector

In the face of this scenario, Schneider Electric (SE), the global specialist in energy management, offers APC Back-UPS, which can provide reliable backup power to make sure that vital home appliances remain up and running during power failures. SE also offers SurgeArrest Essential, a device with multiple outlets that protects appliances and other equipment from damage brought on by electrical surges. The SurgeArrest Essential is also perfect for protecting home computers from losing valuable information, which are sometimes lost due to electrical spikes.

“The APC Back-UPS  and SurgeArrest Essential give families peace of mind.  In  times of natural calamities, they can still continue to do their important house chores and even meet crucial job deadlines without  going to the office,” Jeff de Sousa, Vice President for IT Business of Schneider Electric, said.

APC by Schneider Electric’s Back-UPS notifies users of changing electricity supply or utility power conditions. It is capable of conducting periodic battery self-test so owners can tell if a battery needs to be replaced. It also protects devices from surges and spikes. The APC  Back-UPS has various models ranging from a runtime of a few minutes to 150 minutes based on a power draw of 200W.

On the other hand, the SurgeArrest Essential has components that ensure instant reaction whenever a surge strikes, and prevent excess power from reaching the equipment. Once the circuit of the SurgeArrest Essential has been compromised, it disconnects the appliance or any device from the electrical supply, which stops damaging surge from reaching the equipment. It also comes with a Protection Working Indicator, which will warn users if a surge is too strong that SurgeArrest Essential can no longer provide protection. It also comes with a Building Wiring Fault Indicator, which tells users if their home has wiring problems.

Families can rely on the reputation of Schneider Electric products. With over 30 years’ experience and presence across all continents, it is the reliable partner that Filipino households can rely on.

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