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Churches in Metro Manila install CCTV cameras to address the increasing cases of theft

To address the increasing cases of theft, a growing number of Catholic churches in Metro Manila are installing closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras inside churches. According to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference in the Philippines (CBCP), several parishes under the Diocese of Cubao have already been installed with CCTV cameras to ensure close monitoring of their vicinity.

“CCTV cameras are really helpful. In fact, some of our churches already have CCTVs at least in the convents and some important areas,” said Cubao Bishop Honesto Ongtioco.

The bishop cited the importance and necessity of CCTVs especially when an incident occurs.

“It’s necessary so that in case something happened, you can easily review and identify the perpetrators,” Ongtioco added.

Churches are among the common targets of thieves who are after old bells and antique religious icons.

Meanwhile, Bishop Ongtioco also believes that the new policy on CCTV by the Quezon City government can help a lot in addressing crimes in the metropolis.

The prelate was reacting to the Quezon City government’s “No CCTV, no business permit policy” which takes effect in January 2013 to prevent and resolve crimes.

On the other hand, Ongtioco believes the new policy could help a lot to address increasing incidents of crime within the city but to make it mandatory is another issue.

“To make it a requirement is another big issue. It should be discussed. It’s a good measure but then the important question is can everyone afford it especially those with small business,” he said.

Last month, the Philippine National Police (PNP) also proposed to business establishments nationwide to install CCTVs.

PNP chief Nicanor A. Bartolome explained that the CCTV security system can help in the peace and order situation, aside from being a good security investment. (CBCP/PNP/RJB/JEG-PIA NCR)

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  1. As per the my view it is best step to stop the theft. To use the CCTV camera you can get the evidence easily.


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