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Fuji Xerox to launch DocuWide 3035 Wide-Format Multifunction Monochrome Device this Nov. 21!

Fuji Xerox Philippines is set to unveil the DocuWide 3035 wide-format monochrome multifunction device on Nov. 21 at the Edsa Shangri-la Hotel, which is designed to boost daily productivity for the manufacturing, architecture, engineering and construction industries. Packing copying, scanning and printing functions for up to A0-size and 600 dots-per-inch (dpi) documents into its compact body and built for easy, quiet operations, the DocuWide3035 is ideal for use in any office requiring large-format, high resolution document support. Users can leverage on this machine to efficiently digitize and manage their documents in a highly secured manner.

With the DocuWide 3035, users can achieve high performance yet energy-saving and quiet operations. It is capable of high speed printing and copying with a first print/copy output time about 30 percent faster than existing devices; and an output speed of three A0-size sheets per minute.

Scanning-wise, the new device scans at a high-speed of 203.2 millimeters per second (mm/s) in monochrome and 67.6 mm/s in color for resolutions of 300 dpi or lower; and is equipped with a multi-send function for concurrent scanning and printing so that users can multi-task with ease. It also features a push scan to allow transfer of scanned documents to a PC via the network and a storage folder for saving of scanned documents before importing to PCs on the network.

The DocuWide 3035 is IPv6- and Ethernet 1000BASE-T- ready. Users can choose to add the color scanner option to more accurately convey the changes they make to colored blueprints and drawings.

The DocuWide 3035 generates engineering materials in high quality at 600 x 600dpi where diagonals, curves and thin straight lines are sharply reproduced against halftones be it a text, photo or illustration.The machine is also capable of adjusting the background color intensity for text manuscripts, drawings, photos, blueprints, transparencies and cut-and-pastes to achieve optimum image quality.

It also allows users to copy part of the original as a sample to determine settings producing the best result and to achieve a wide range of copy sizes with reduce/enlarge ratio from 25 to 400 per cent and fine adjustments of 0.1 increments.

As the DocuWide 3035 features a compact design and an interface akin to that of Fuji Xerox’s office multifunction device, users can easily operate the device. A large, intuitive 10.4-inch color touch screen on an adjustable control panel offers viewability and versatility all at once.  The user experience is further enhanced by the device’s 40-setting-capable job memory for regularly-used copy and scan functions; automatic paper loading and cutting functions; and an automatic paper select mode for copying.

Equipped with robust security features, the DocuWide 3035 safeguards confidential and sensitive documents by requiring a password for printing of temporarily-stored scanned documents and user authentication with IC cards to restrict unauthorized access; as well as allowing users to encrypt, overwrite and delete by batch data stored on the hard disk.

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