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Norton 2013 security products makes Windows 8 safer and faster!

Norton by Symantec has released the latest versions of its award-winning core security products, Norton Internet Security and Norton AntiVirus, which are compatible with Windows 8 and engineered to be safer, optimized for speed and performance, and simpler to use. More details after the jump.

Enhancing the product lineup further, the Norton 360 Multi-Device, a comprehensive security solution that provides security across platforms and devices, will also be available to consumers in Singapore.

Ideal for consumers who have multiple devices and want a simple, easy-to-use security solution, the Norton 360 Multi-Device provides protection for Windows-based PCs, Macs, Android-based phones and tablets.

It offers a single key to activate protection on all devices. It uses a cloud-based Norton management console that lets users take charge of their devices’ security from anywhere, at any time, right over the Internet.

In addition, the Norton 360 Multi-Device is a flexible solution that allows customers to move protection from one device to another to meet their changing needs as they add or change the number and type of devices they own.

With five patented layers of protection, stronger social networking defenses, anti-scam capabilities, and improved cloud-enabled features, the latest Norton products set new benchmarks for protection and performance.

In addition, the latest releases are Windows 8 compatible and engineered to make Windows 8 safer and faster compared with running Windows Defender on Windows 8.

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