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Globe GoIDD200: The most affordable IDD promo at P1.50 per minute!

Globe GoIDD200

Globe Telecom launched its newest and most affordable IDD offer that allows subscribers to make IDD calls for as low as P1.50 per minute. Globe GoIDD is the latest bulk IDD promo exclusively available to Globe Prepaid subscribers calling the U.S. Mainland, Canada, China, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand. The IDD offer is available for only P200 valid for 30 days.

With GoIDD promo, Globe Prepaid subscribers can make as much as 133 minutes of voice calls, or close to 2.5 hours, making it the most affordable per minute IDD rate in the country today.

Registration to the promo can either be via text where subscribers can text GOIDD200 to 8888 or via the self-service menu *143#, where subscribers can choose "All-Time Fave Promos" and then "International Call and Text Promos", and then "GOIDD" to avail of the offer.

To call using GoIDD, dial the standard IDD dialing sequence, which is 00 + Country Code + Area Code + Phone Number for a landline number, and 00 + Country Code + Mobile Number of a mobile number. Upon successful registration, users will be provided with 133 call minutes, valid for an entire month. A P1 maintaining balance is required to use the promo.

"Globe Prepaid welcomes GoIDD as the latest addition to our roster of international services that offer the most competitive per-minute call rates, giving subscribers great value for their hard-earned money," said KD Dizon, Head of Globe Prepaid. "With Globe GoIDD, connections between families and friends remain solid despite the distance. Staying connected is now a cinch with Globe GoIDD, making international calling easy and affordable at a price that's within easy reach among Filipinos."

The promo is offered until February 28, 2013, fitting for subscribers and families sending each other their Christmas and New Year greetings through calls and conversations. To know more about Globe GoIDD, visit www.globe.com.ph/go-idd.

As of end-June 2012, Globe total international long distance (ILD) minutes increased in traffic, growing 15% year-on-year, with outbound traffic growing by 11% in total ILD minutes on the back of reliable, affordable, and easy to use international call services.

Globe boasts a strong line-up of IDD products and services such as ITXTALL30 which allows subscribers to send 100 text messages to contacts in the Philippines and abroad for only P30 a day, SuperIDD which enables users to make unlimited calls to over 50 destinations worldwide for as low as P0.05 a minute, tipIDD cards available at the most affordable call rates in various denominations, and IDD Sakto Calls and IDD Tingi for the lowest per second and per minute call IDD call rates to frequently called destinations worldwide.

As of first half 2012, Globe Prepaid subscribers stood at 16.1 million, 9% above last year's level of 14.7 million subscribers and a 2% increase from previous quarter's 15.8 million. With Globe Prepaid accounting for 51% of total Globe mobile subscriber base, second quarter gross acquisitions remained strong with 3 million new subscribers, 2% better than last quarter's level of 2.9 million.

Cumulative gross acquisitions for the first half of the year were likewise up 6% from 5.6 million last year to 5.9 million new SIMs this period. Globe Prepaid added close to 1.4 million subscribers over the last 12 months since end-June 2011.

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