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Smart network primed for latest and most advanced devices!

Philippine wireless leader, Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart), is ready to provide its full range of wireless services to subscribers who own the latest and most advanced devices, a company executive said Tuesday. According to Smart Head of Marketing Mellissa Limcaoco, Smart’s nationwide mobile network is primed to meet and even exceed the expectations of its most demanding subscribers.

“A significant number of mobile users will upgrade to newer devices during the holidays,” said Limcaoco. “As they begin to do more things at the palm of their hands such as chat, surf, and download they will also expect more from their network,” she added.

For one, several smartphones and tablets that are capable of Long Term Evolution (LTE) connectivity have already been introduced abroad within the last four weeks. Most of these devices are expected to be shipped to the Philippines shortly before Christmas.

With handset technology innovations and new service applications mushrooming in the mobile telecommunications space, Smart continues to make its mobile infrastructure at the cutting edge to provide the best services to its 50 million subscribers.

Just recently, the telco has completed linking its Metro Manila cell sites to parent company, PLDT’s fiber optic network.

Unlike traditional copper wiring and microwave radios which transmit data through electric and radio signals, fiber optics uses pulses of light beamed through thin wires of glass.

“Fiber allows our cell sites to send data faster from the core network to your device, thus translating to an even better mobile experience,” said PLDT Smart Technology Group Head Rolando G. Peña.

Smart and PLDT’s unmatched network of 54,000kms of fiber optic cabling enables the group to deploy the latest 4G mobile data technologies such as multi-band LTE and High Speed Packet Access Plus (HSPA+) more effectively and with greater efficiency.

Similarly, Smart continues to break new ground in voice call technology as it introduced the country’s first High Definition (HD) voice feature.

Similar to hearing the difference between AM and FM radio stations, HD voice makes it easier for callers to recognize commonly misheard sounds such as “s” from “f”, “m” from “n”, and “p” from “t”.

Handsets which are capable of utilizing AMR-WB technology include popular smartphones such as the Smart Netphone 701, the Nokia E7, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini, and the Samsung Galaxy Ace.

In September, Smart was also the first to place the Philippines’ first overseas calls and texts via LTE—a feat which has yet to be duplicated by other local telcos.

“If you want to Live More and get the best out of your devices, Smart is the clear choice,” said Limcaoco. “The smartest devices deserve to bite into the Smartest network,” she ended.

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