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Acer H9500BD Home Series projector: Make holidays more fun with home movie parties!

Acer H9500BD Home Series projector

Holidays are always more fun in the Philippines, with celebrations extending beyond one day. In many families, in fact, holidays begin as soon as relatives from other countries arrive to spend their vacation here. This is the perfect time to nurture family relationships and build more lasting memories in the comfort of your own home.

Huddle together by the TV after dinner and enjoy a cozy movie or your favorite family videos while having ice cream or homemade popcorn. Or hit the virtual world with the kids through the latest games and feel young at heart again.

However, since it is the holidays, take these home movie and gaming parties to the next level with Acer’s H9500BD Home Series projectors. With their instant 2D-to-3D conversion in high definition, it brings better texture to the screen.

The projectors also support common 3D technologies such as Blu-ray 3D, DLP 3D, and NVIDIA 3DTV Play to provide you and your family various options to maximize your viewing and gaming experience.

Also, your Blu-ray movies will never be the same again with the Acer H9500BD Home Series projectors. Just connect a Blu-ray player or 3D PC to your projector and turn your entire living room or entertainment nook into a cinema to provide the same heart-pumping excitement of watching movies on the big screen.

With Acer’s AcuMotion technology, family members can see clearer images even in fast-moving scenes as it reduces motion blur and flicker. It also generates more frames than standard video and film formats to create a more defined picture of the same scene for every second of its movement.

It doesn’t end there, actually. If you combine the Acer H9500BD, a PC or an audio/video device that supports 120Hz output, and the DLP 3D kit, you get flicker-free 3D data transmission on any of the video input ports. Whatever movie or A/V device you use, the projector will still add depth to your family entertainment.

Also, the H9500BD projector will transform your PC games into immersive stereoscopic 3D adventures through the NVIDIA 3DTV Play software kit and a PC that supports HDMI 3D.

The H9500BD supports 50,000:1 contrast ratio and its DynamicBlack technology dramatically improves image contrast using dynamic aperture adjustment to analyze the content frame by frame. Dark scenes are automatically adjusted to the best levels of black while maintaining the brightness of lighter scenes, resulting in crisper, more distinct pictures.

The series also provides maximum resolution at 1920 x 1080 for clear and crisp images, and with a projection size of 20 inches (50 cm) to 300 inches (762 cm) and 1080p full HD output for wide-screen movies created in HDTV or Blu-ray formats enables the family or your barkada to enjoy cinematic, wide-viewing pleasure.

Moreover, Acer brings to the fore its exceptional technologies like the Acer ColorBoost II technology that enhances brightness and color; ColorSafe II, which uses dynamic RGB gain control to retain image color fidelity despite prolonged use; and lens shift feature that allows horizontal and vertical adjustment of the images without distortion.

And the Acer H9500BD projectors are also easy to use and energy-efficient, too. They detect input signals automatically, and have at least two connectors for multiple video inputs.

Acer’s EcoProjection technology reduces standby power consumption by more than 90 percent from 5W to 0.5W while the lamp can operate up to 2,500 hours and helps lessen the need for frequent lamp replacement.

So what more can you ask for from a small device that can do big things? Nothing more. Just sit back, relax, and watch a movie, and let this holiday break be a special one for you and your family.

See more of this product at www.acer.com.ph. Shop for Acer products online at acer.multiply.com.

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