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Alcatel One Touch Glory 2, Huawei Y200 D and ZTE V790 now FREE at Sun Plan 350!

Sun Cellular expands its portfolio of postpaid plans for Android smartphones to give everyone the power to experience Android at an affordable monthly service fee.  Since launching its first postpaid plan with an Android smartphone a couple of years back, Sun Cellular has been the go-to network of many people for quality phones with the most practical pricing plans, further asserting its status in the telecommunications industry as “the good choice.”

Along with its unlimited features which the network has pioneered in the market, Sun Cellular’s “Sundroid” postpaid plans provide subscribers a range of Android smartphones that they can choose from to match their budget, need or personality. Prices for Sundroid postpaid plans with a FREE Android smartphone start at a student-friendly price of P350 per month only.

With Sun Plan 350, subscribers can already enjoy unlimited Sun calls and texts, 250 texts to other networks plus a choice from a new range of the network’s Android smartphones that have bigger touch screens at 3.5 inches namely Alcatel Glory 2, Huawei Y200 D and ZTE V790.

For a hundred pesos more, Sun Cellular offers premium phone brands from HTC and Samsung under its Sun Plan 450 – ensuring subscribers they get the best Android experience at the best price. Sun Plan 450 offers unlimited Sun calls and texts, 250 texts to other networks and P100 consumable which subscribers can use to browse the Internet or make IDD/NDD calls. A free HTC Explorer or Samsung Galaxy Chat, whichever the subscriber prefers, seals the deal!

For the socially connected individuals, business power consumers and heavy Internet users, Sun Cellular indulges them with its Sun Plan 600 – a bundled offer that pairs up the Alcatel OT-T10 Tab and Alcatel Glory X918N for maximum mobility, seamless functionality and great value for money. For only P600 per month only, subscribers get the double benefits of a tablet and a phone whether for socializing, business, leisure and information-gathering. Sun Plan 600 also comes with unlimited Sun calls and texts, 350 texts to other networks and a generous P250 consumable.

With Sun Cellular’s range of affordable postpaid plans with free Android smartphones, there’s no reason why you can’t have yours today. Reward yourself with an Android and be assured that you stay 24/7 connected by choosing the good network provider.

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