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Globe posts strong gains in 4Q 2012 NTC test!

Globe Telecom

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) disclosed the 4th quarter 2012 results of the Quality of Service (QoS) Benchmarking Tests on the telco industry networks within sixteen cities and one municipality of the NCR. "Both Smart and Globe got passing marks in these tests conducted last December, involving postpaid subscribers" NTC Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba said.

"The gains of our network modernization are now being felt more than ever by our customers – this is paramount for us and we are happy with this development," Globe Telecom CEO Ernest Cu observed. Through the last three quarters of the NTC-initiated tests, Globe has demonstrated enhanced performance resulting in progressively improving scores.

Citing the rapid advancement of the telco's modernization program, now close to completion of the first phase at 84%, the Globe CEO sees "that full equipment replacement and systems overhaul will increasingly bring about greater and better-than-standards performance and along with it, a differentiating customer experience".

The latest results already show that Globe is surpassing NTC benchmarks such as its 2% rating for Blocked Calls or Grade of Service, which more than met the less-than-4%-performance-standard.

In other categories, the dropped call rate of Globe at 1.2% is much better versus the lower-than-2%-standard. While its Average Receive Signal Level, referring to signal strength, at -71.78dBm, is better than the -85dBm standard, its Average Signal Quality, on the other hand, improved to 0.94, now much closer to the optimal 0 standard.

Call Set-Up Time of Globe at 11.98 is better than the 14 second-standard for a called number to ring from the time a subscriber finished dialing the number.

"Key cities nationwide are now enjoying our enhanced network with 3G and 4G HSPA+; but over and beyond NTC's quarterly benchmarking, we at Globe keep personally checking and validating our network performance all over the country, do speed tests and get feedback from our customers," Cu emphasizes, "after all, committing to ensuring the quality of our service to the public as NTC exhorts the industry to do so, is our core mission in the first place."

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