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Solenn Heussaff makes the good choice as Sun Cellular’s newest endorser

She made waves when she flashed that French-Filipina allure as one of the castaways in a reality game show in 2010. Everyone seemed to be rooting for the castaway with the unusual name and an equally rare appeal: Solenn Heussaff. But Solenn's beauty was not the only thing that ferried her to where she is today. Real talent and dedication made her a household name – as an actress, singer, TV host and sought-after model.  A person of many skills, Solenn is also a fashion designer, painter and a professional make-up artist, among others.

In just a span of two years since nearly snatching the ultimate survivor title, Solenn has achieved so much in her career that many perceived her as more than just a typical and seasonal It Girl. In fact, she was called a “renaissance woman”. Her success is well chronicled with a string of movies, television projects and awards – both in acting and recording – that one wonders whether there is something she cannot do.

With her celebrity status and the influence that she wields to her audience, Solenn has learned to be discerning with the choices she makes both in her personal and professional life, more so with the products she endorses.

"Obviously, I should be using the product. I like to use everything I endorse, to believe in what I endorse. That’s one of the main considerations (before I say yes)," she reasons.

Although she’s not to be mistaken for a techie, Solenn confesses to be a heavy Internet user. By today’s standards, that would mean being online 24/7 whether she’s on Twitter promoting her projects, checking on her friends on Facebook, or just randomly browsing the net. In fact, Solenn is also admin to some of her fan pages and personally updates these sites whenever she can.

Just like everybody else, Solenn does not compromise with bad Internet service; thus, for the longest time, she has relied on Sun Broadband for consistent and fast Internet connection. “I’m a laptop person; it’s my source of entertainment. Once I get home, when I wake up in the morning, that’s the first thing I do – check online. When I’m on the set – waiting; when there’s nothing to do and if I’m not reading my script – I’m on the net surfing, just looking at random things, reading random articles," she narrated.

Because she’s familiar with the quality of service of Sun Broadband, joining the Sun Cellular family as its newest endorser was, for Solenn, “the good choice.” “I’ve been using it for a very long time which makes me even more excited because like I mentioned earlier about the products I endorse, it should definitely be something I believe in,” tells the French-Filipina actress.

And if her name is any indication, Sun and Solenn could be very well fated to be together. According to name websites, Solenn as a girl's name is a variant of the Spanish term “Solana”, meaning sun or sunlight. What could be more perfect than that?

With Sun Broadband, Solenn – who spent some of her good years overseas including studying fashion design in France – can get in touch with her old friends and family members abroad. “I communicate with them through e-mail. For me, it’s the fastest way not to mention it’s affordable, too” she shares.

Apart from this, Solenn enjoys social networking, web surfing, chatting and shopping online. That’s why she relies on Sun Broadband; it helps her accomplish a lot of things and get to anywhere she wants online with her busy lifestyle.

Just like Solenn, you too can achieve many great things by making good choices.  Choose the brightest broadband and wireless internet provider. Choose Sun Broadband, the good choice.

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