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Free Android Mobile Security for Kaspersky Lab customers

Kaspersky Lab, a leading secure content and threat management solutions developer, is giving away a free six-month license of Kaspersky Mobile Security to buyers of its popular anti-virus suite - Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) 2013 and Kaspersky Anti-Virus (KAV) 2013. This is a move from the anti-virus company to help protect the growing  number of Android smartphone users in the Philippines from mobile threats such as data theft and malware. More details after the jump.

Starting February 15, for every purchase of specially-marked 2013 versions of KIS and KAV 1-user, 3-user, and 5-user licenses, buyers can get a free 6-month license of KMS upon registration of the purchased Kaspersky product through the Product Registration page of its exclusive distributor, iSecure Networks (iSN) at http://www.isn.com.ph/kasperskyregistration.

Buyers must submit details of their purchased product such as product name, activation code, and invoice date and number.

Upon completion of registration, customers will receive the free 6-month license of Kaspersky Mobile Security via an email notification from iSN. The notification includes promo code/activation code which can entered in their Android smartphone. This promo is valid until supplies last.

Acknowledging the growing cybercrime threat specifically targeting smartphones, Kaspersky Lab has developed the Kaspersky Mobile Security software to ensure that smartphone users remain protected anytime and anywhere.

With people becoming increasingly dependent on their smartphones to access important data or even use these for electronic commerce, it’s no surprise that cybercriminals have set their sights on these devices too.

The Kaspersky Mobile Security is integrated with a number of technologies from Kaspersky Lab. It helps protect private data by scanning for viruses and spyware, block dangerous phishing websites, filters unwanted calls and SMS, and hides private contacts.

If the smartphone is stolen, Kaspersky Mobile Security can lock the missing phone, locate it and wipe out data. Kaspersky Mobile Security also has features that run even if the device SIM card is removed. Other fantastic features include:

  • ‘Mugshot’ – takes photos of unauthorized users  
  • Device Lock – denies access to your missing phone  
  • Data Wipe – removes sensitive information from your missing phone  
  • Locate – finds the location of your missing phone  
  • SIM Watch – contacts your phone, even if the SIM card has been replaced  
  • Anti-Theft Web Management – makes it easier to interact with your missing phone  
  • Device Admin – prevents unauthorized uninstallation of Kaspersky Mobile Security  

“Smartphone will continue to grow in demand among Filipinos especially with prices of devices coming down and telecommunications companies are offering new services with affordable plans that maximize the various features of smartphones. The reality is that cybercriminals will find it hard not to notice that smartphones hold a lot of important information. This free six-month offer of our Kaspersky Mobile Security is intended to encourage people to understand these threats and to take steps in protecting their devices and the data stored in these devices against attacks,” said Jimmy Fong, Channel Sales Director of Kaspersky Lab Southeast Asia.

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