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Globe to PLDT: Remove illegal attachments from our facilities

Globe Telecom formally notified Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) regarding illegal PLDT outside plant (OSP) facilities attached to Globe OSP facilities specifically in the areas of Batangas and Baguio. More details after the jump.

"Our Field Operations teams found PLDT OSP facilities attached to our facilities without our permission," said Globe Head of Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto. "We have requested that PLDT remove the said illegal attachments in order to protect our own facilities from unnecessary hazards," she added.

Globe has given PLDT until February 8 to remove the illegal attachments, after which Globe said they would initiate the removal of the attachments themselves without any liability to Globe. PLDT shall also pay Globe for the cost of the removal including any damages that may arise on its facilities.

"This has been an ongoing concern for quite a while, and we have raised this issue many times before with PLDT contractors," said Crisanto, adding that she is expecting PLDT's immediate action on this matter.

Aside from the areas of Baguio and Bauan, Batangas, Globe also pinpointed illegal attachments on their facilities by Digitel in San Pedro, Laguna.

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