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Lenovo Mobile, Kobe Bryant strike in the Year of the Snake

Regarded as a symbol of luck, prosperity and cunningness, the snake is one of the most attractive signs of the Chinese Zodiac. Starting the Year of the Snake in all-star fashion, Lenovo mobile, taps the serpentine grace of NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, as he endorses their new line of smartphones.

A man of action, Kobe exhibits passion in every aspect, making him the perfect ambassador for Lenovo’s mobile phones that are tailor-made for those who do. Naming himself “The Black Mamba”, Kobe possess the powerful qualities of the snake that has allowed him to outscore opponents left and right with 5 NBA championships under his belt.  He also takes his winning mindset to every other activity he’s into.

As the year of the snake uncoils, Lenovo Mobile lets users pull off the Black Mamba moves with their amazing lineup of smartphones. Everyone from the hip and cool, to professionals and gadget geeks will have an exciting time skimming through the internet, blasting multimedia content in full HD and crystal-clear sound, and completing tasks throughout the day with Lenovo Mobile’s powerful smartphone roster.

Scoring cool points is easy with the Lenovo A800, as it is capable of everyday phone-and-organizer tasks with its 1.2 GHz dual-core processor.  Its bright 4.5-inch touch-enabled display also lets users enjoy their favorite apps with ease.

Style and performance blend like a snake’s charm in the S720 and S890, letting multimedia junkies watch their favorite videos and revel in its attractive, slim loop design. Bundled with Lenovo’s Smart Camera software, video bloggers and photo-lovers can easily update their social media pages with their latest videos and photos.

Professionals and true-blue gadget lovers can further enrich their business savvy with the P770. Its ultra-powerful battery allows professionals to charge other USB-chargeable devices including tablets with its bundled On-The-Go cable. Bumping up productivity for the modern techie, the user’s plug in storage devices such as flash drives just as one would on a regular computer.

Indeed, the year of the snake is the time to strike and accomplish goals with passion, just like Kobe Bryant. Live out your passions with Lenovo Mobile and you just might get to see the Black Mamba up close this year.

Watch out for updates on Kobe Bryant and check out www.facebook.com/lenovomobileph for more information on Lenovo smartphones.

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