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Turn any car into a HOTSPOT with the all new Sun Broadband WiFi Stick!

Turn your car into a hotspot with Sun Broadband’s WiFi Stick! Online fun doesn’t stop even when your on the way to the different places you go to! When you subscribe for a plan with a WiFi Stick, you get a FREE USB Car Adaptor so you can turn your car into the perfect spot to surf, chat, browse, and mingle! More details after the jump.

The WiFi stick is available under the following plans:

PlanUsageDevice One-Time FeeHolding Period
Plan 250
35 monthly hours
P1,8886 months
Plan 450
70 monthly hours
Easy Broadband
Plan 799/ Plan 899
FREE18 months

* Note that the WiFi Stick may also be used with a laptop and supports up to 5 WiFi devices.

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