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PLDT partners with ClickPlay.ph, brings FREE video-on-demand to Fibr broadband subscribers!

Pursuing its multi-media strategy, telecoms leader PLDT has launched a new service offering free blockbuster movies to high-speed broadband subscribers using its fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network. PLDT has partnered with Clickplay.ph (http://www.clickplay.ph/), the country's first movie-streaming service, to bring this service to its Fibr broadband subscribers.

Clickplay.ph has over 70 Hollywood movies in its data base such as The Dark Knight Rises, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, The Hangover, Happy Feet and Superman Returns, among others. Its movie list is expected to grow to about 200 by March and will soon include Filipino movies.

“This new service is in line with our transformation from a telephone company into a multi-media services group, providing access not just for voice and data but also allowing seamless streaming of high quality video over our fiber network,” said PLDT President and CEO Napoleon Nazareno.

PLDT EVP and Head of Home Business Ariel Fermin said this video-streaming service will initially be available to Fibr customers in over 100 residential subdivisions around the country.

In this new service, Fibr package subscribers will receive different packages based on their subscription plan which already includes Fibr Voice Line, free PLDT Telpad and free access to PLDT WiFi Zone.

  • Fibr 8 Mbps – P3,500/month with 3 movies from Clickplay
  • Fibr 20 Mbps – P5,800/month with 4 movies from Clickplay
  • Fibr 50 Mbps – P8,800/month with 10 movies from Clickplay
  • Fibr 100 Mbps – P20,000/month with 20 movies from Clickplay

“With this partnership, we are strengthening our triple-play service that delivers voice, data, and video under a dedicated, ultra-fast, and seamless connection which is Fibr, our most powerful broadband offering,” Fermin pointed out.

Fibr can deliver speeds of up to 100 Mbps, using a dedicated connection straight to the subscribers’ homes. This allows them to stream HD content, play lag-free online gaming, and adopt seamless cloud computing.

Fibr rides on PLDT’s extensive fiber optic network that extends 54,000 kilometers nationwide, the most expansive in the country.

“When it comes to fiber-powered services, no other telco comes close to what the PLDT Group has to offer,” Nazareno pointed out. The fiber network also fires the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) services of PLDT mobile subsidiary Smart Communications Inc.

“We are definitely leading the adoption of fiber optic technology in the hope of pushing the country among those nations with ultra high-speed and advanced Internet connections,” he added.

For more information about PLDT Fibr, you may visit www.pldthome.com or call the hotline 101-FIBR.

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