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Your finances at your fingertips with the Nokia Lumia range of devices

Times have changed. Life is faster and almost everything is just a few taps away with your mobile phone. Every day, people make transactions via cash or credit and it’s important to keep track of where their money is going. To help them do this, the Nokia Lumia has apps available at the Windows Store to help them keep track of their finances, be updated on the latest financial news, and manage all their money matters.

One such app is Toshl Finance, a free tool that helps manage your income and expenses on the go. You can budget your cash flow daily, weekly, monthly, even yearly to ensure you are not spending more than what you are getting. Toshl Finance also features a reporting tool so that you can compare your spending history, a currency converter when spending on travel, moving funds to a different time period, and even set up a passcode to ensure your financial transactions are safe.

Another free budgeting tool that offers more than just recording transactions and reporting finances is My Expenses. This app offers extra features like cloud support so that you can back up your transactions on the Web via SkyDrive or Dropbox. You can also make a pie chart for easy viewing of expenses and have it run on your start screen using Live Tiles.

Don’t feel like tapping away numerous receipts on your Lumia? A budget tool that is slightly different from the rest is Lemon Wallet. This app is also free and what makes it stand out is that it utilizes the Lumia’s camera to scan your receipts and tally them for you. Each scanned image of a receipt captures price, merchant name, and the date, and the app assigns a category. You can also enter this information manually and use the data to generate reports on spending.

Other apps you might want to consider are Expensify, My Budget, Account Book and Budget Buddy. These apps are free and some come with a pro version with added bells and whistles to keep financial tracking much more convenient.

Finance apps found in Nokia Lumia phones are not just limited to keeping track of your personal expenses. They can also keep you up-to-date on information on global stock indexes from reliable sources.

The native Microsoft app simply called Stocks deliver up-to-the-minute market news with direct feeds from Bing. The app features a customizable list to view your favorite stocks, a search function to find a specific company, and provides a view that displays price/earnings ratio, market cap, volume, and more.

Mint is a relatively new business app developed in partnership with the Hindustan Times and the Wall Street Journal. The app provides analysis and opinions on different facets of the financial industry and the economic spheres. It also brings the latest and breaking business news that also features culture, entertainment and travel.

For Lumia users that manage stock portfolios, big or small, Markets & Me may be the app they are looking for. The app offers real-time quotes and keeps historical data on stock performance and your total holdings over a given period of time. The app has tight integration with your Google Finance account and uses Live Tiles for individual stocks, markets and currencies.

The aptly named Stock Tiles has similar features to Markets & Me on seamless integration on Live Tiles to utilize the easy notification of updates, and you can flip the tile for more detailed information on the displayed stock quote.

Finally, there are also general money apps that suit your mobile lifestyle.

Piggy Bank is a free and simple app that shows you how much you can save if you avoid impulse purchases. It also provides an option to remind you to transfer the money you saved to your savings account. You can also set your desired goals when saving your cash and Piggy Bank will keep track of your progress.

For mobile users who want to keep track of their credit card debt, there is Credit Card Audit. This app helps you keep track of credit card transactions so you won’t be surprised at the end of your billing cycle. This app is a great tool for frequent credit card swipers.

Lastly, there is Loan Calculator. This app provides automatic calculation for loans you currently have or thinking of applying for. All you need is to enter some basic information about your loan and the app takes care of the rest. It even shows you your monthly interest and remaining balance on the loan.

For more information on other finance apps and mobile utilities, visit the Windows Store (http://www.windowsphone.com/en-ph) and check out the latest apps that suit your mobile lifestyle.

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