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Epson launches a range of new 3D and interactive projectors in the Philippines

Epson, the no. 1 projector maker in the world, recently held its largest launch of 3D and interactive projectors in the Philippines. The digital imaging company introduced four new 3D and six new integrated interactive projector models, each with its own set of market-leading capabilities and features that are engineered to fulfill the needs of a diverse range of both home and business users. More details after the jump.

All new Epson projectors launched are designed for user convenience and compliance with industry standards: the 3D models are able to support all 3D formats without the need for additional hardware, unlike “3D Ready” projectors that require a separate format converter to play content in 3D formats used by Blu-Ray players or 3D TV broadcasts. In addition, Epson’s new active 3D models use RF-based (radio frequency) 3D glasses that comply with the new “Full HD 3D Glasses” industry standard.

“As the world’s largest projector maker, we not only lead the world in volume sales, but also in useful technologies that give our projectors an edge over their competitors,” says Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) Country Manager Toshimitsu Tanaka. “As you can see, the 3D and interactive projector models launched today set very high standards in performance, innovation, and functionality for a wide range of customers.”

Epson EB-W16 and EB-W16SK - 3D Education / Business Projectors

Epson EB-W16 - Php49,300

The Epson EB-W16 and EB-W16SK are the company’s first 3D projectors meant for education or business users, and offer them a choice of either active or passive 3D technologies, along with their related advantages. The EB-W16 is an active 3D model that offers an easier setup and lower hardware requirements to deliver a 3D experience, whereas the EB-W16SK is a passive 3D setup using two stacked projectors that offer brighter 3D images, and uses affordable, non-powered, polarized 3D glasses that require no power.

Epson EB-W16SK - Php96,500

The EB-W16 is better suited for users that need to set up a 3D projection system on a tighter budget for smaller audiences and darker rooms. The EB-W16SK is more ideal for larger venues as it presents brighter 3D images; and because of its more affordable 3D glasses, it is better for large audiences.

Epson EH-TW6100 and EH-TW8100 - 3D Home Theatre Projectors

Epson EH-TW6100

Epson has revamped its 3D home theatre range with two new models that offer consumers an ideal choice whatever their needs or budgets may be.

The Epson EH-TW6100 and EH-TW8100 models replace the older Epson EH-TW6000 and EH-TW8000, respectively. Both are full HD 1080p capable, and are able to deliver the brightest 3D images of any projector in the world, thanks to their unique Epson 480 hertz frame refresh rate that is twice as fast other 3D projectors, and which minimizes the “blackout time” between 3D image frames.

Epson EH-TW8100 - Php154,200

The main feature that differentiates the TW-8100 is its lens shift capability that optically corrects distortions even if the projector is placed off-center from the screen. This allows users to place it anywhere they wish with no image compromise.

Epson EB-400 series and EB-1400wi/1410wi - Integrated Interactive projectors

Epson EB-436Wi - Php68,900

The new Epson EB-400 series and EB-1400wi/1410wi are new models that extend Epson’s market leading range of projectors with integrated interactive technology.

The new EB-400 series short-throw projectors offer users who want integrated interactive capabilities a more affordable solution compared to Epson’s ultra-short throw models.

The Epson EB-1400Wi (2600 lumens)/1410Wi (3100 lumens) are the company’s first ultra-short throw projectors that are targeted for business users. Ideal for business meetings and collaborative planning, these new models offer very bright images that allow their images to be seen clearly even in the brightest environments, so users need not darken rooms to use them.

Epson EB-1400Wi - Php90,500

The Epson EB-1400 and 1410Wi are also packed with many features that are engineered specially for businesses:

  • Ability to be used as an interactive whiteboard without the need of an attached PC.
  • Ability to project content from a diverse range of input devices – including Wi-Fi and network reception from PCs, smartphones and tablet devices, PC-free projection from USB memory devices or from the scanners of wireless printers.
  • Dual-pen capability that allows two users to write/draw on the projection simultaneously.
  • Multiple output options for annotated projections – direct saving of screens into common formats like JPG and PDF to USB memory devices, or to email or specific network folders – all without the need for a PC.
  • Direct printing of screens to a wireless or network connected Epson printer.
  • Compatibility with Microsoft Office “Ink” that allows users to write on Microsoft documents and save them back into their native format (PPTx, XLSx, DOCx).
  • Ability to facilitate interactive collaboration for up to four locations across the internet where users can see each other’s writings/drawings on the same screen.

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