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Globe Business Mobile Solutions maximize work efficiencies outside the office

In this day and age, conducting work and business transactions have transcended the confines of the office, as companies are now putting more premium on mobility. As such, constant connectivity for their field personnel should be made easier than ever, which can translate to their increased productivity and greater work efficiency.

Globe Business realizes this occurrence as the new norm for large commerce and industries, understanding the mindset of businesses both small and big to widen their presence on the field. But more than just enabling with a complete portfolio of solutions to maximize their utility and budget, it actually offers holistic mobility for a workforce that is always on-the-go.

Consider the daily activities of a Sales Manager who received a directive to launch a new sales campaign. He can still effectively roll it out just as being office-bound, thanks to Business Plus, a post-paid that allows his smartphone or tablet to be linked to the Internet, aside from having unlimited texts and calls to communicate with his staff or check on sales performances. With a connectivity solution that allows subscription plans to be customized according to user requirements and tailor-fit depending on the profile of usage, it's a wise investment for key personnel on fieldwork.

Given a new assignment requiring him to coordinate with clients or agents for the new campaign while moving within his assigned territory, his company can take advantage of bulk services, where text messaging costs can be reduced by up to 75 percent for large-volume transactions, while calls rates can be cut in half for heavy toll calls.

In case he needs to collaborate with field operations to rollout the campaign to distributors, he can get in touch with them less the worries on unpredictable communications costs if his team is enrolled under Business-Capped, a cost-efficient solution to keep capital expenses at a minimum as subscriptions are fixed and communications allowances are budgeted.

Should his subordinates require more load credits for their prepaid line to text-blast retailers, he can request his company to send it through its Autoload MAX Corporate Edition (AMAX CE), an automatic load facility which sends prepaid credit to multiple users in the company. It is one of the Value-Added Services (VAS) of Globe Business which complements the rest of its mobility suite.

Another web-based VAS, TxtConnect will enable him to broadcast follow-up SMS to the distributors and retailers as well as to broad base of customers without sacrificing on cost efficiency. Authenticated by Globe, his recipients are assured on the reliability of messages to the defined target recipients.

At the end of a fast-paced day, he will be able to send reports to his home office of the campaign's initial performance even from a distance, thanks to the ultra-reliable Tattoo mobile broadband he and his colleagues in the field are equipped with. And being tech savvy, he can be equipped with the latest smartphones and devices powered with business apps to help him gauge the success of the sales campaign. With iPhone, BlackBerry, or Android handheld models, Windows- or Symbian-operated systems as well as the newest tablets, sales professionals like him can be armed with these "mobile offices," ready to meet the demands of his business.

Globe Business group product marketing manager Patricia Rodriguez observed that mobility is now a must to operate any successful business relying on field operations, as many companies now have important functions being performed outside offices.

"Globe Business recognizes this evolution in the way we work nowadays, that is why we have put in place our brand of cutting-edge, cost-efficient and value-laden mobile solutions to enhance the coverage of businesses to effectively reach their customers and stakeholders. We have helped them redefine field-work as the 'new office' for the mobile workforce," she said.

Indeed, companies, big corporations as well as small enterprises will appreciate the premium and flexibility of these solutions, and will have full control to choose what is best to address the requirements of their manpower on the field while experiencing their newfound empowerment delivered through Globe Business.

More information on these services can be provided by your Globe Business Account Manager, who can help determine the right plans for these solutions depending on the usage behavior of your employees. Globe Business also has dedicated after sales support for business customers which will assist your company's appointed representative to manage your company's multiple subscribed lines and services.

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