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InFocus BigTouch: The World's Largest Windows 8 All-In-One Touch PC!

InFocus Corp., a global leader in digital display devices, recently announced the launch of its "BigTouch" all-in-one touch screen PC. For $4,999, the versatile 55-inch BigTouch amplifies the beautiful, fast and fun Microsoft Windows 8 touch experience for virtually any use customers can dream up. More about the InFocus BigTouch after the jump.

BigTouch features a brilliant 55-inch 1080p display and five-point touch for multi-person collaboration, and ships with the Windows 8 Professional operating system combining the fun of a touch screen tablet with the productivity of a PC. It also includes a wireless keyboard and mouse, providing convenience and flexibility in a wide variety of environments and uses.

The device supports Windows 8 touch screen gestures including slide, tap, swipe, pinch and rotate. Convenient features of the BigTouch include two gigabit Ethernet ports, WiFi, two HDMI ports and six USB ports, as well as a 120GB solid state hard drive. It also includes an Intel i5 processor with Intel vPro™ Technology for embedded security and manageability.

In addition to offering top-of-the-line projectors, InFocus manufactures the Mondopad, a 55-inch multi-touch collaboration PC/tablet hybrid that is revolutionizing how people communicate and work together. It ships with Mondopad software that offers several collaboration features including video conferencing, digital annotation over documents, interactive white boarding capabilities, a customizable interface and Microsoft Office 2010 Professional software. BigTouch customers will be able to upgrade to a Mondopad with the Mondopad Upgrade Kit, available through InFocus.

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