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Sun Cellular receives least number of subscriber complaints before the NTC

Mobile phone operator Sun Cellular continues to receive the least number of subscriber complaints among the major mobile networks in the country, according to a recent count of the National Telecommunications Commission for 2012. As the regulatory body for the telecoms and broadcast industries, the NTC is mandated to receive mobile phone subscriber complaints that have been previously addressed to the concerned networks but have already gone stale or have not been properly attended to.

The NTC’s One-Stop Public Assistance Center (OSPAC) in particular, reaches out to these telecom companies for the fulfilment of these concerns.

In response, Reuben Pangan, Vice President for Customer Service Operations of Sun Cellular said that the NTC report reflects the positive results of the company’s efforts to intensify their service channels and customer feedback touchpoints.

“Aside from producing strong marketing campaigns, we also invest in great back-end support so that we can attend quickly to customer concerns and get things right the first time,” he explains.

Pangan also attributed the improved experience of Sun customers to the company’s ongoing network development efforts.

“For the first two months of 2013, we are happy to note that Sun has gotten zero to a negligible amount of voice and SMS service-related complaints through the NTC,” he reveals. “This is an actual indication that our network enhancement efforts are really paying off. We are just glad that it all goes down right to the experience of our customers.”

Despite these positive results however, Pangan stressed that the network still does not choose to be complacent in terms of customer service and network enhancements.

“We acknowledge that we just have to keep enhancing our services and that, as we continue to grow our subscriber base, we need to focus all the more in making the experience better and better,” he concludes.

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  1. least number of subscriber = least number of complaints

  2. Maybe it's not that simple. I'm sure they computed it evenly.


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