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Firefox 20 now available to download: New per-window Private Browsing and Download Manager!

Firefox 20

After the released of Firefox 19 last February, Mozilla just announced that Firefox 20 is now officially available to download. Firefox 20 new features include a new per-window Private Browsing that allows you to open a new private browsing window without closing your current browsing session and a new Download Manager, so you can monitor, view and locate downloaded files without having to switch to another window. Firefox also comes ability to close hanging plugins without the browser hanging. More details after the jump.

Firefox for Android also supports private browsing on a per tab basis. Firefox for Android allows you to open a new private browsing tab during your current browsing session, allowing you to switch between private and standard tabs within the same browsing session. Firefox for Android adds support for additional devices running on a less powerful processor architecture, ARMv6 processors.

Download Firefox 20.0 for Windows, Mac OS X and Android:
Download - Windows
Download - Mac OS X
Download - Android (Google Play)

Source: Mozilla, Google Play

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