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PLDT, SUN offers Innovative ‘Call all Service’ to enable Unlimited Family Communication

CONSUMERS, particularly working moms and those that need to closely monitor location of their kids and other family members, are getting the most benefit of the recent convergence of telecom services resulting from the merger or collaboration of leading service providers.

Such was the premise of PLDT, the country’s leading telecom company, when it recently acquired Sun Cellular, which has one of the fastest growing cellular subscriber base nationwide.

“PLDT’s main objective is to provide the strongest connections at home and promote family togetherness anytime, anywhere in the country,” said Ariel P. Fermin, EVP and head of PLDT HOME Business. “With the acquisition of Sun, it makes it easier to reach out to a large mobile subscribers’ base in key places in the country and offer them with unique wireless data and voice services that best suit their needs cost effectively.”

One such telecom service that the merger is making available to PLDT fixed line customers and Sun Cellular subscribers is the PLDT-Sun Call All Service, a new and innovative wireless PLDT offering, which is very relevant for mothers who are daily monitoring their kids’ whereabout while in schools or attending activities outside of home.

“In subscribing to the PLDT-Sun Call All Service, moms get a wireless landline SIM with two numbers: a landline number and a virtual Sun Cellular number allowing them and their kids unlimited calls to any PLDT landline within the Home Zone, as well as unlimited calls and texts to any Sun number nationwide. They will also receive a free android phone,” said Patrick S. Tang, head of PLDT HOME Voice Solutions.

PLDT has solid fixed line subscribers nationwide while there are close to 20 million Sun mobile customers in Metro Manila, Cavite, Laguna, Bulacan, Pampanga, Pangasinan, Cebu, Davao del Sur, Negros Occidental.

“After carefully studying market trends, we came to the conclusion that we need to offer a service that bundles a Sun Cellular number with PLDT’s Call All service to simplify the number of phones and gadgets that subscribers carry around while out of their homes,” added Tang.

PLDT-Sun’s Call All service is an ideal solution to relieve mothers’ uneasiness in tracking their kids while they are out of the house.

“My kids can now easily call our PLDT landline or text my Sun number while at school or travelling back home, helping ease my apprehension by knowing that my children are safe all day long,” said a 35-year old, mother-of-three from Quezon City.

“We want to provide unlimited family communication and unlimited togetherness to our valued customers,” said Fermin. “With this innovation, we offer another value add service that allows PLDT subscribers to call the fastest growing cellular base in the country. PLDT-Sun Call All service is available to PLDT fixed line subscribers for only P600 added to their basic monthly landline service fee.

In photo: Patrick S. Tang, head of PLDT HOME Voice Solutions

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