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Power Mac Center opens Summer Workshops 2013 to a wider range of customers

Apple users can learn more ways to bring their creativity to the next level by signing up for Power Mac Center’s Summer Workshops 2013. This year’s workshops allow a broader range of users to get acquainted with various apps, courses, or programs that will let them maximize the use of their Apple products. More details after the jump.

According to Power Mac Center Marketing Director Joey Alvarez, “Summer is a great time to learn. We have proven this in the favorable feedbacks of customers who have previously participated in our annual summer workshops. The success of the past years’ workshops inspired us to reach out to an even wider demographic this year, like teens and seniors.”

Workshops begin on April 15 and interested participants are encouraged to register in advance as limited seats are available per class for a more focused discussion.

Courses for Mac users include:

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Adobe Flash CS5
  • Aperture 3 (light-painting photos)
  • Autodesk Mudbox (3D Modeling)
  • Game Salad (game dev)
  • iBooks Author (eBooks creation)
  • iMovie
  • Keynote
  • Motion 4 (3D modeling)
  • Sketchbook Copic Edition (digital painting)

iPad, iPhone and iPod users can also sign up in Power Mac Center’s iOS basic workshops (iPad basics for mail and calendar and Blueprint Lite for simple app design); and creative workshops (Animation Creator HD Express; Comics Head Lite for electronic comics creation, iDraw for Vector Drawing, and Paint FX Free for photo editing).

What’s more, Power Mac Center has especially designed Mac OS X and iOS6 sessions that cater to kids, as well as teenagers and senior citizens. Children ages 7 to 12 years and teenagers ages 13 to 18 years may choose to join these summer workshops so that they can start early on being creative with the help of Apple products. Workshop sessions are also designed for senior citizens who are increasingly getting tech-savvy.

Apple Certified Support Professionals from Power Mac Center’s Apple Authorized Training Center (AATC) will conduct the workshops, while the iOS Basic Apps Development Training for kids will have for its guest trainer, well-known apps developer Ramon Pastor of Numlock Solutions, a mobile apps development company.

Registration fee is P950 per topic, per attendee, except for the iOS Basic Apps Development Training that costs P6,500 per attendee for the two-session workshop.

For more info contact us at 0908 885 6277 / (02) 553 4211 / (02) 553 6399 or email workshops@powermaccenter.com.

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