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Talk LED, talk energy efficiency with Devant LEDTech TVs and Smart 3D Internet TVs

Summer’s here. The heat wave will send many to turn on their air conditioning units, anything to keep the heat at bay. Add kids on break from school and that would mean more energy consumption at home, and these will no doubt reflect on your monthly electric billing statements.

These days, it’s not just about pulling the plug to conserve power; it’s also about making smart choices to be energy efficient.

Many modern-day appliances are now made to be energy-efficient. And when it comes to TV, what could be more energy efficient than a Devant TV?

A key energy-saving component in Devant TVs is their LED technology. What makes LED a much talked about feature? Here are some of the best reasons:

Energy saver
First off, it’s a bona fide energy saver. Devant TVs are made with cutting-edge LED technology. LED refers to the lighting system responsible for displaying images on screen. LED’s efficient lighting panels consume 20-30 percent less power than conventional and plasma TVs. Devant TVs carry the Energy Star seal, the international standard for energy efficiency.

Best TV viewing experience
More than being energy-efficient, LED provides the best viewing experience, owing to a process known as “intelligent dimming.” This means that the LED backlight can be dimmed, providing more control on contrast and brightness of the image.

The dynamic contrast results in deeper blacks, brighter whites, and truly vibrant colors. Devant TVs come with the IntelliDIM, LEDTech Superior Color Performance, and the Full Color Optimizer feature, which help enhance your viewing experience.

Space saver, style-savvy
LED components require less space and therefore can be made thinner and lighter. For Devant TVs, style and function go hand-in-hand — their sleek, streamlined frame and build contributes to making Devant TVs even more energy-efficient.

The slim and svelte figure looks good anywhere you place it, and it’s ideal for condo dwellers, or for close quarter living. Free standing or mounted on a wall, Devant TVs are made to stand out in any living space.

More savings, more to enjoy
While Devant TVs help you save on costs, their quality in delivering the best in home entertainment never ceases to amaze. You can watch your movies in Full HD or 3D display.

Turn your Devant TV into a game and media hub through various HDMI ports, and enjoy multi-platform connectivity. And while you’re at it, connect wirelessly to the Internet and take social media to new heights. Devant is your complete entertainment package and more.

Devant LEDTech TVs and Smart 3D Internet TVs are available in all leading appliance stores nationwide.

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