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The Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB Country Winners Are Announced!

Today, Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB has just announced Hans Dimayuga, Ken Toyama (a.k.a. “Faisal Malimit”), Lee Calingasan and Ariel Cancilleras the winners in the Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB Philippines. Selected from 39 entries, the four country champions represent the most creative Filipino talent across the four creative categories: DJs, vocalists/instrumentalists, film makers, and motion graphic artists.

The four emerged from a highly competitive field based on their exceptional portrayal of the theme ‘Pulse of Your City’. Dimayuga’s submission evokes the warm feeling of “being home” and enjoying the simple island lifestyle, while Toyama’s “Roots of the City” celebrates the dualism of culture and urbanization which characterize the Philippine landscape. Calingasan’s entry focused on Batangas, a small southern city in the Philippines, whose warm, active and vibrant people drive city progress. Canciller’s “Make Their Noise, Make a Choice”, on the other hand, served as a reminder for Filipinos to vote wisely as the country’s development rests in their hands.

Each submission was determined based on public voting which took place from 1-9 May, and local mentor assessment. Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB local mentors Nina Saputil and Enzo Valdez assessed each of the project submissions for their creativity and originality (35%), craft and skill(35%), relevance to the theme (20%) and WOW factor (10%).

These four winners from the Philippines will join a pool of 28 country winners across the seven participating Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB countries - India, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia,  Philippines, Singapore and Thailand - out of which only four will be selected as the final regional champions.

The final four regional champions will be announced on 17 May, where regional mentors including acclaimed contemporary design and art collective, PHUNK and renowned international DJs, Brendon P (The DJ Dispensary) and Matty Wainwright (The DJ Dispensary), will select one Lenovo-MTV project winner from each creative category. The final four regional champions will be awarded US$10,000 and a trip to Singapore to participate in a five-day workshop. In the six weeks leading up to the workshop, the regional mentors will coach and collaborate with the champions to start work to produce an exclusive MTV music video to the theme ‘Pulse of the World’. During the workshop itself, the mentors will work closely with the winners, providing guidance on the finer aspects of the production as they complete the music video.

“Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB was built to empower millennials who don’t just dream about their goals, but to provide them a high-profile, regional platform to take action to make their dreams a reality. We are proud to have achieved this objective, as evident from so many outstanding creative projects submitted during the course of the campaign, and to be able to give them exposure on the world stage," said Vicky Agorrilla, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines. "We are pleased to announce Hans Dimayuga, Ken Toyama, Lee Calingasan, and Ariel Canciller as the Philippines’ four Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB winners that emerged from a highly competitive field, and look forward to seeing who will go on to become the final regional champions.”

“Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB has been a fantastic collaboration. We anticipated great talent from our Millennial audience across Asia Pacific to surface through the campaign, but the submissions have surpassed our expectations!”, said Tan Sian Ju, vice president of MTV & Comedy Central Brands, Viacom International Media Networks Asia. “Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB reflects our continued vision to promote local cultural tastes and showcase music talents. The campaign is proof that when content meets technology, the result is a creative experience beyond our imagination.”

Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB is an integrated social platform that enables millennials from across seven countries in Asia Pacific, to share stories about their communities through music. The projects submitted in the first phase were based on the theme ‘Pulse of the City’ and can be viewed here: www.project-colab.com/showcase/all.

Leveraging the resources provided by Lenovo and MTV, the competition empowers the most progressive, creative and talented millennials from the Philippines to connect and collaborate with likeminded individuals who do not just dream about accomplishing their goals but go out there and do.

For more information about Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB contest mechanics and official rules please visit: www.project-colab.com

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