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Be mobile internet-savvy with these Globe Data Plan Profiler and Device Simulator online tools!

Globe Data Plan Profiler

Keeping up with the growing adoption of mobile internet in the country, Globe Telecom has made available online tools to educate subscribers on mobile browsing and assist them with common troubleshooting problems on mobile internet access. More after the jump.

Available on the Globe Mobile Internet portal under the Tools section, the Data Plan Profiler and Device Simulator provide subscribers with comprehensive and step-by-step information on how to access the World Wide Web via their internet-enabled phones. These two tools are especially helpful for first-time mobile internet and smartphone users who need help in navigating and setting up their smartphones for mobile internet access.

Another Globe-first, the Data Plan Profiler allows subscribers to calculate the amount of data they need in a day or month and recommends the Globe mobile internet plan that suits them best.  Configurable per postpaid or prepaid and per device operating system (OS), subscribers can set the frequency by which they engage in certain mobile internet activities like viewing webpages and sending e-mails. The data plan profiler then automatically computes the megabytes (MBs) of data they need with a suggested Globe Mobile Internet plan best fit for them.

Subscribers can also use the Device Simulator to set-up their smartphone for mobile internet. Users are asked to select their devices’ OS and its specific version before choosing a task. Tasks include changing network settings, configuring e-mail access, managing push notifications, syncing social networking accounts and other mobile internet-related activities.  Users are guided on how to navigate their phones, what settings to toggle on or off and what details to input for a seamless mobile internet experience.

Globe Device Simulator

“When we buy smartphones, one of our biggest challenges is connecting to the internet. This includes enabling mobile data access, subscription to a mobile internet plan, and ensuring we have the right settings embedded in our phone to avoid billshock. This is a daunting task so most subscribers get frustrated and give up, therefore not maximizing the wonderful technology behind smartphones. Instead of going to a Globe Store or calling the Hotline for assistance, let the Device Simulator walk you through your mobile internet troubleshooting issues and the Plan Profiler help find the perfect Globe mobile internet plan for you,” said Jenny Granada-Echevarria, Head of Globe Mobile Data Services.

Granada-Echevarria added, “We at Globe commit to provide the best mobile browsing experience not only with our roster of innovative mobile internet plans but also through helpful educational tools to help subscribers maximize their internet-enabled devices and its unique features.

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