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Jenny Rabbit - Love Match, a simple matching game made by a Filipino developer!

Do you want to know what goes on before going out with a smart beautiful woman? How does a girl prepare for a date? We do not have all the answers but we can show you how Jenny does it with Jenny Rabbit - Love Match! It's cute. It's fun. It's addicting. It's FREE and it's made by Evaristo Ortega, Jr, a Filipino developer of Lionheart Games! More about Jenny Rabbit - Love Match after the jump.

Jenny Rabbit - Love Match is a simple matching game available for FREE on your iOS devices that has a fast paced mini game in between levels. It has a catchy tune too. In the game your going to help Jenny, our cute fashionista win the man of her dreams! Follow in her adventures of putting on make up, looking for something to wear, finding the perfect matching shoes, and charming the love of her life!

Jenny Rabbit - Love Match Features:
- 50 Challenging stages
- 3 Game modes (Story, Timed, Endless)
- Beautiful HD graphics
- Boosters to help you finish the game
- Easy and fun to play
- WARNING: Highly Addictive



Download Link: http://bit.ly/11EGdU1

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