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Tweet everyday and everyone for FREE until July 31, 2013 with Smart's Free To Tweet!

Smart Communications just announced on their Facebook page that they are now offering free access (doesn't require any registration) to Twitter until July 31, 2013. All you have to do is to enable your data network on your smartphone and go to http://www.m.twitter.com on your mobile browser. More details after the jump.


  • Clicking on outbound links and accessing Twitter via apps or widgets will incur standard data charges. 
  • Running background apps in Smartphones may also incur data charges. 
  • Set your homepage URL to a free site like http://www.smart.com.ph/ to avoid redirecting to other sites upon opening your browser. 

Tip to avoid running background apps in Smartphones (Android, iOS, Windows):

  • Download the SmartNet App via native app store (Google Play or Apple Store).
  • Go to http://www.smartnet.ph/ to get more info on Smart¹s free app.
  • In the SmartNet app, click the “Internet ON” button. Clicking this will enable you to access free sites of Smart, while staying connected to the data network.
  • To bring back the setting, simply open your SmartNet app and click "Internet OFF" to bring back the default setting of your phone.
  • You will be safe from your background apps incurring data charges.
  • If you have other data packages, you will not be able to browse while in “Internet OFF” mode.

Text Twitter to 211 or visit http://www.smart.com.ph/FreeTwitter to know more!

Source: Smart Communications (Facebook)

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