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Symantec warns of FakeAV (Ransomware) threat targeting Android devices!

FakeAV Android app

Symantec has detected what they believe is the first ransomware threat called FakeAV is making its way onto Android device. Victims will find their Android devices locked until a payment/ransom is made. More information can be found after the jump

FakeAV software is a type of scam using malware that intentionally misrepresents the security status of a computer and attempts to convince the user to purchase a full version of the software in order to remediate non-existing infections. Messages continue to pop up on the desktop until the payment is made or until the malware is removed.

This type of fraud, which typically targets computers, began several years ago and has now become a household name. The scam has evolved over time and are now seeing FakeAV threats making their way onto Android devices. One interesting variant detected by Symantec is Android.Fakedefender, which locks up the device just like Ransomware. Ransomware is another well-known type of malware that takes a computer hostage, by denying the user access to their files for example, until a payment/ransom is handed over.

Once the malicious app has been installed, user experience varies as the app has compatibility issues with various devices. However, many users will not have the capability to uninstall the malicious app as the malware will attempt to prevent other apps from being launched. The threat will also change the settings of the operating system. In some cases users may not even be able to perform a factory data reset on the device and will be forced to do a hard reset which involves performing specific key combinations and/or connecting the device to a computer in order to perform a reset using software provided by the manufacturer. If they are lucky, some users may be able to perform a simple uninstall due to the fact that the app may crash when executed because of compatibility issues.

Symantec is expecting FakeAV on the Android platform to develop into a serious issue just like it did on computers. As these threats may be difficult to get rid of once installed, Symantec advises installing a security app, such as Norton Mobile Security or Symantec Mobile Security, on your device. Malicious apps can also be avoided by downloading and installing apps from trusted sources.

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