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Government websites hacked in protest against pork barrel, highlight need for secure web hosting

Government websites hacked in protest of pork barrel funds, highlight need for secure web hosting

Earlier today, a large number of people are supporting the "Million People March" in Luneta against the misuse of pork barrel funds under the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). As with all anti-pork barrel protest, Anonymous Philippines are also showing their support by hacking government websites and altered them so that their visitors are redirected to a defacement page. More details after the jump.

DOST – Information and Communications Technology Office Executive Director Louis Casambre mentioned that: “This recent spate of website defacements goes to shows the serious need for the Government Web Hosting Service (GWHS ) especially since gov’t websites will more and more be leveraged to deliver public services.”

Administrative Order 39 (AO39) was enacted on 12 July 2013 mandating all national government agencies, government financial institutions, and government-owned and controlled corporations to have their websites hosted under the new GWHS which will be provided by the DOST ICT Office. “GWHS development is progressing and will be online as scheduled as per AO39.” Usec. Casambre Added.

“No critical online services were affected and it seems that it wasn’t the intention of the community to cripple critical information dissemination websites and services of the government. We would like to request our hacking community not to target such sites.” said Casambre.

According to a post by the Anonymous Philippine Cyber Army, at least 32 websites have been hacked and most of which are of gov.ph names. The defaced gov't websites include:

Currently, some of the affected government websites have been restored, but most of them have been either taken offline or they still redirect visitors to the defacement page.

Note: The Information and Communications Technology Office of the Department of Science and Technology is the Philippine Government’s lead agency on ICT related matters. Its primary thrusts are in the ICT Industry Development, eGovernment, ICT policy development, Internet for all and Cybersecurity.

Source: Official Gazette, Philippine Cyber Army

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