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Nokia Philippines: Guide for selecting the most useful mobile apps from the Nokia Store

Nokia Store Philippines

Applications take up a lot of space in your phone’s memory. That’s why it’s important to select the apps which you can fully utilize, for work, entertainment, health and for helping you do your daily tasks. But how do you know which apps are truly useful without having to download them? To help you select the best app, Nokia invited top Philippine bloggers to review the most useful apps available from the Nokia Store. Here’s a compilation of the apps they chose after the jump.

MMDA- traffic navigator

This app helps you easily plan your route and avoid traffic jams. Annalyn Jusay of Ajay’s Writings on the Wall describes it as a brilliant app for letting us know in real time the road situation in the city before we venture out. Very useful.”  Raffy Pedrajita of Digital Spidey says “It’s a must for a regular commuter and it’s only 0.37 MB so it is very light.” Calvin Lo of Pinoy Tech Blog described the apps as “an easy-to-understand real-time report of traffic situation in major thoroughfares within the metro.”

GMA News

GMA News offers the latest updates of the day’s events in and out of the country no matter where you are, be it business, showbiz, lifestyle, sports, opinion and technology. Jerome Ancheta of JAM Online said, “Almost anything and everything that you want is there. It’s very informative.” Be in the know with the GMA News app.


Access your favorite social networking sites, anytime, anywhere. Stay connected with your family and friends using your Facebook and Twitter applications. Jason Cruz of JSNCRUZ.com attests that “the app provides a utilitarian and efficient user experience without long page loading times.” Philippe Louis Villareal of When In Manila says the app is a no brainer. Social networking is one of the popular reasons why people get smartphones in the first place.”


Who wants to use free calls and text messages? The Line app will give it to you, anytime, anywhere with wi-fi. Line is one of the popular apps used in over 230 countries in the world. Line sets the bar in modern mobile communications. With internet connection, talking to your friends would be easier and faster. “This app allows sending messages, sharing photos and stickers using your mobile phones,” says Nico Aguila of Techpinas. Communicate with ease using the Line app.


WeChat allows you to connect to one or more friends using your phone. Just keep the Wi-Fi or mobile data connectivity on and keep the conversation rolling. “It’s easier to communicate and connect with people using WeChat. It helps save on your precious prepaid load,” said Mark Milan Macanas of Techpinas. It also includes sharing photos that will make the conversation interactive for the users.


Weather information is accessible in just a few clicks and swipes with this app. According to Flow Galindez of ASK by Flow Galindez “It gives a real time update of Philippine weather. They include the typhoon signals with descriptions in layman’s terms.” Know the latest weather updates through Ityphoon and prepare for the unexpected rain or inclement weather wherever you are.


Mobile phones are a great way to pass the time. Online videos are now more accessible with the YouTube app. Watch the latest music videos, movie trailers and TV episodes you missed and enjoy the perks of a free app for your phone. RV Cuarto of Nokia Revolution shared his thoughts, “It provides easy access to the watch videos on YouTube without launching your mobile browser. It’s a decent app for those running the Symbian platform.”

JoikuSpot Wi-Fi Hotspot

Nowadays, wi-fi is a must-have to access the internet world. Unfortunately, wi-fi is sometimes unavailable while on the road and especially the time when we need it the most. But with Nokia’s free apps, you can download JoikuSpot Wi-Fi Hotspot to quickly connect you to the internet. Neil Ross Goco of Mister Jon Jon said, “The application is very straightforward and easy to use. Just tap the Start button and you instantly have a roving Wi-Fi hotspot!”


Mobile phones won’t be complete without any game applications. A thrilling and exciting game like Cluedo comes handy when you are stressed at work or bored at school. Alexei Rivera of The Technoclast had this to say about it, “The game in itself captures the imagination and suspense of a mystery novel and budding Sherlock-holmes CSI-types would find it fun to play.” Greg Revelo of Scratch e-Pad also mentioned, “The game fits perfectly for individuals who love mystery, crimes and challenges. You would really enjoy it to your hearts desire.”

QuickOffice Pro

Do you always need to create or edit documents from your mobile phone? Quick Office Pro is the app you can rely on when you need to work while on the road or at home. You can open your Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other office documents from your mobile using this app. Jonathan Novencido of XpressMusic Music Connects knows this is the app for you, “The intuitive controls and straight forward user interface opens up new doors to mobile office work while on the road.”

Note: All these apps are available for free from the Nokia Store.

For more information on which app is compatible with your Nokia phone, you may check http://store.nokia.com/ and find out more about what you can download for your mobile needs.

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