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Business Monitor International: Philippines’ IT Market and Business Analytics on the Rise!

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The Philippines’ IT market is seeing a tremendous boom. According to a research published by Business Monitor International, it is expected to grow by about 9.6 percent in 2013 to touch $3.86bn, attributed largely to the sales of Software and IT Services. More details after the jump.

These are estimated to grow to $442mn and $1.1bn respectively. Specifically, cutting-edge technologies like business analytics and cloud are in great demand, and the Philippines is predicted to clinch a $20 billion share in the estimated $160 billion global business analytics market in the next two years (PHL eyes $20-B share in analytics market - 03 June, 2013).

“Enterprise and mid-market clients in the Philippines are beginning to institutionalize data analytics as a core capability and are appreciating the value that insights can provide. It is however critical that business intelligence and analytics solutions don’t take forever to implement, and are modular in nature. We have assembled a specialized team with in-depth experience in enterprise performance management, business intelligence, predictive analytics and data warehousing,” said Bikram Singh Thakral, CEO, Thakral One.

Philippines is presenting a vibrant opportunity for serious players, willing to invest in and commit to the market. With more than ten years of experience serving the needs of the Philippines market, Thakral One is today an integral part of the country’s IT landscape. The company combines an in-depth understanding of the local nuances and global best practices to serve client needs.

Thakral One Appoints New GM to Manage Emerging Platforms for the Business
Thakral One recently appointed Sawfin Saw-Buan as the Country General Manager for Thakral One’s Philippines operations. Sawfin comes with extensive business and IT consulting experience in the Banking and Financial Services, Insurance and Public Sector domains, spanning business analytics, risk management and customer process improvement. Says Sawfin, “Our approach in Thakral One is to provide cost effective, yet scalable solutions, which can grow with the business. We have a strong consulting practice that can not only implement these solutions effectively, but also create the necessary underlying processes and capabilities that enable the most effective use of these tools.”

The Thakral One portfolio includes IT infrastructure solutions and services, carefully selected enterprise applications and reliable long-term managed support to clients. In addition to business analytics solutions, the company also focuses on FSI solutions like core banking, security, Anti-Money Laundering (AML), and other risk and regulatory solutions.

Source: Thakral One

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