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Which one is right for me? Tablet Buyer’s Guide for the Mobile Professional

Dell Latitude 10 Philippines

Mobility now dominates discussions in our workplaces. You can never predict where a busy nine-to-five day may take you. Whether it is going on-site with clients, whizzing in and out of meeting rooms, hot-desking or working from home, tablets are quickly emerging as the device of choice for busy professionals who are always on-the-go.

Today’s tablet devices offer a dynamic range of capabilities that deliver unique and personal computing experiences. We now have in our hands amazing possibilities to be entertained, stay connected, learn and work on the go.

With a variety of tablets to choose from, the question is ‘which one is right for me?’
There are a couple of key considerations that you should keep in mind. Understanding why each of the following matters in a tablet, and how they fit into your lifestyle, will help you make the right purchasing decision in store.

Portability - Tablet devices come in various stylish, thin and lightweight designs. One of the key attractions of a tablet is its portability. Make sure you pick a size that’s practical and suited to how you will use it. Consider screen size as well as how you will carry it – in a pocket, handbag, or briefcase.

Tablets built for business need to have a balance between portability and performance. Tablets powered by the Intel Atom processor have models weighing 630g  and only 9.2mm thick, making them easy to carry on the road, in the office and virtually anywhere in between. Its 10 inch screen, while on the larger side, can easily be slipped into the business bag and is a good size to check your emails, conduct video calls and review documents without straining.

Processor - This is the ‘brain’ of your tablet. While tablets don’t differ much on the surface, it is what’s inside that will determine the overall performance of the device. More powerful processors will allow faster and smoother performance from your applications (watching video, surfing the web, etc.) while less powerful processors will give you slightly slower response times.

The Intel Atom Processor Z2760 offers a tablet computing experience that doesn’t compromise its performance over battery life. When professionals buy a device such as the Latitude 10, they are able to get the best of Windows 8 features with a computing experience that just works.

Battery life – Typical battery life for tablets range from eight to ten hours, depending on how you use them. Lower-power processors will give you a longer battery life, so keep an eye out for Intel® Atom™ processor-based tablets in stores. If you need the tablet to go above and beyond, look for one that comes with battery extension packs and you won’t have to worry about running out of power.

Reliable battery life is key for workers on the go. The Intel Atom Processor Z2760 based tablets allow you to easily achieve all-day productivity with up to 10 hours1 of battery life (even when you’re playing high definition videos), a swappable battery and optional docking solutions are other items to consider when purchasing to keep you powered throughout the working week.

Storage - This is where you save your work, research, photos, music and movies. Tablets are generally more restricted in storage space when compared to laptops. Check out what’s built-in (e.g. Intel Atom Z2760 processor based tablets come with Embedded Multimedia Card 4.41 (eMMC 4.41)), and  if you need more, it is advisable to look for models that offer expandable storage such as micro-SD, micro-USB ports, or look at convertible laptop options.

Look for full-size USB port and SD memory card options that enable effortless connectivity to collaboration tools so that you really won’t need to keep much on your tablet, allowing it to focus on processing the tasks that matter.

Features - Tablets have become tremendously versatile with a variety of features available to suit your needs. Tablets with attachable keyboards (“convertibles”) can instantaneously allow you to create content with your device. High quality cameras allow you to capture photos and videos on the go and quality visual and audio capabilities can turn your tablet into an immersive entertainment device. Built-in security is also important to ensure you have a secured tablet experience. These features vary within each tablet and should be considered based on your usage requirements.

Tablets such as the Dell Latitude 10 runs on Windows 8 Professional which offers compatibility with existing Windows applications and peripherals, such as printers and webcams, that you need on a daily basis. With a full set of features, you will be able to create work content on the go while still being able to enjoy full feature entertainment options when travelling between meetings.

These Intel Atom Processor based tablets are engineered o easily fit into your current IT environment, allows connection to your work intranet through domain join and group policy functions, and may be equipped with robust security features such as Secure Boot and firmware-based Intel Platform Trust Technology to give you safe and secure tablet experience. Working on these tablets will give you the peace of mind when accessing documents outside of the office and allows a seamless transition from working on-the-go to returning to your desk.

Give these key considerations some thought when you visit your retailer, and even ask them to help you match your profile to the tablets in store.

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