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WeChat surges past 100 million registered user account milestone!


WeChat, a leading mobile social communication application has just announced that it has surpassed the 100 million registered international user account milestone, further reinforcing its popularity on the international stage. Several key initiatives including the WeChat 5.0 upgrade and the global Lionel Messi advertising campaign have piqued the interest of audiences worldwide.

WeChat doubled its registered international user account base in the last 3 months, reaching the 100m milestone shortly after an independent survey found that the platform was the fifth most used Smartphone app worldwide.

Since its international debut, WeChat has been well received in Asia, quickly becoming the most popular mobile social app in India, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Malaysia across multiple Smartphone OS platforms, where the user base has recently gained tremendous growth. In addition to these markets, WeChat gained popularity worldwide and became the most downloaded mobile social app on App Stores in Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Thailand and Turkey in July 2013.

“We must thank all our fans for helping us achieving 100 million registered user account milestone in such a short space of time.  To those people, and to future users, we promise we will continue to bring you innovation, for example we launched the first-of-its-kind voice messaging service ‘Hold-to-Talk’ on the app in 2011, and we will continue to develop and enrich our user experience. Whether users want to create text message, share moments, or engage in live audio and video chats, WeChat has made it all available to enjoy securely and for free,” said Poshu Yeung, Vice President of International Business Group at Tencent, the company behind WeChat App.

WeChat has seen a host of artists, sports personalities, celebrities and VIPs join the platform to better connect with their fans. It has been well received in Asia, quickly becoming the most popular social app across multiple smartphone OS platforms and the most downloaded mobile social app on the App Store in the Philippines when it launched last May 14, with influencers Iya Villania and Drew Arellano sharing their love for WeChat and its features.

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