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Monitor and manage your prepaid load usage with Smart Prepaid Load Manager!

Smart Prepaid Load Manager

Smart has enhanced its prepaid load inquiry system, allowing its subscribers to receive real-time credit information and empowering them to maximize their load. The Smart Prepaid Load Manager uses its suite of innovative and transparent prepaid load tracking features to help its subscribers monitor and manage their prepaid load usage. More details after the jump.

Additionally, the new features allow subscribers to make the most of their prepaid load credits and promo bucket subscriptions. It also helps ensure that Smart’s subscribers enjoy continuous mobile service by never having to worry about running out of load and promo buckets.

“Smart Load Manager is like having your very own assistant to keep track of all your mobile phone expenses,” said Jane Basas, head of Smart’s prepaid business group. “With our most advanced and intelligent balance check features yet, our subscribers will be able to maximize their prepaid load and enjoy uninterrupted use of our superior voice call, messaging and data services.”

“The new system will also allow subscribers to use up their text allocations from buckets even with zero regular load. This way, our subscribers can fully consume what they pay for, when they subscribe to promos,” Basas said.

Smart Load Manager has three basic services, all available to Smart Prepaid subscribers for free.

Flash Remaining Balance Notification

First is the Flash Remaining Balance Notification which automatically displays on-screen the amount of used-up credit and the remaining balance after every phone call using regular load. This feature is activated once regular load balance reaches less than P100.

Low Balance Notification

For those who regularly subscribe to call and text buckets or promos, there is the Low Balance Notification. This feature alerts the subscriber via text message if they only have less than 3 call minutes left in their subscription or if the call minutes or text message allocations have been fully consumed.

Real-time and Detailed Balance Inquiry

Third is the real-time and detailed balance inquiry. For every balance check by simply dialing *214#, the subscriber will receive not just the amount of regular load left, but also the buckets or promos the user is subscribed to, the breakdown of how many text messages or call minutes the subscriber has left and the expiry dates of all availed call, text and/or data packages.

Another way of checking one’s balance is by texting ?1515 to 214. This comes with free suggestions on available promo buckets that fit the subscriber’s balance.

“Even with so many prepaid call and text promos to choose from, Smart subscribers will always be on top of and informed about their load credits – and it’s easy, convenient and free,” said Basas. “We know that Filipinos love subscribing to promo buckets like our Call and Text Unlimited services to save money, and the Load Manager provides for a worry-free and wiser way of using credits, with nothing going to waste.”

For more information about Smart Load Manager, visit www.smart.com.ph.

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